Kiefer Sutherland recently did an interview, in which he said, “Some of the best work I am seeing right now is on television. TV is where it’s going.” It would appear that the Coen Brothers would agree with that statement. Or, at the very least, TV is where they’re going as the duo is set to executive produce a TV comedy.

According to Deadline brothers Ethan and Joel Coen, who penned Fargo, No Country For Old Men and Burn After Reading, are set to pen a comedy series for Fox, along with writer Phil Johnston. Word is, the network has given the project a script commitment with a significant penalty.

Johnston will write the pilot, titled HarveKarbo. It centers on “an ill-tempered LA private investigator whose cases frequently involve the depraved doings of the Hollywood elite, and his deadbeat friends in Los Angeles’ El Segundo.” That alone sounds interesting, but what’s also interesting is that it’s set to be an hour-long comedy. I’m wondering if it’ll be more of a dramedy, or if the Coen Brothers are set to prove comedies can be longer than thirty minutes and still work.

Having just rewatched Fargo the other day, this news certainly puts a smile on my face. There’s nothing quite like the Coen Brothers. It’ll be interesting to hear more updates on this project, including who will star in the pilot. If Steve Buscemi weren't already taken, I'd throw his name out there! "I'm not gonna debate you, Jerry. I'm not gonna sit here and debate!"

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