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Community Comic-Con 2012 Panel Live Blog

Give me your hands!

Show me the door!

I cannot stand!

To wait anymore!

Somebody said

Be what you be

We could be old and cold and dead on the sea.

But I love you more than words can say

I can't count the reasons I should stay.

It's the community San Diego Comic Con 2012 panel live blog. Season 4! There's no Dan Harmon and the cast has been shoved off to Fridays under the all seeing eyes of new showrunners David Guarascio and Moses Port, and we're here in Ballroom 20 mostly to see what they have to say about how one of our favorite shows and how they're going to keep it awesome.

9:58: I got a sneak peek at the cast before I got here and they all look so awake and pretty and cheery that I feel bad for not being 100% awake at the time. I'm awake now! Let's panel!

10:00 A "we're moving to Friday night" auto tuned supercut of footage from the prevous 3 seasons starts the panel. It's auto tuned and hopping and involves and nice "When I say Greendale, you say sucks" pre-chorus

10:02Video ended with Troy and Abed: "You tried to kill us, but you only made us more awesome." Did we? Let's find out. Mike Snyder leads a "When I say 6 seasons you say..." call and response, audience loves it.

10:03 Here comes everyone's intros. People cheer, you know how it goes.

10:05 We all cheered a little for Moses Port. That was nice of us. Megan Ganz is here wearing a "Save The Cape" t-shirt.

10:07 First question: "Is it going to be okay?" Answer from Port: "A couple months ago, we were huge fans...suddenly now we're here helping to keep it going...only thing we care about is that it's this weird gem and that's not going ot change."

10:10 Joel says: "we got a Season 4 because of if we get cancelled in 13 episodes, that's your fault too"

10:10 Yvette says her and Joel's relationship is a lot like Shirly and Jeff's relationship in that she beats him at foosball all the time. They name drop Nick Kroll from the Foosball episode and reveal that the fooseball obsessed Germans will "be back"

10:12 Joel says we will meet Jeff's father this season, then he jokes that dad will be played by Eddie Murphy. The first part was news, the second was funny.

10:13 Dani Pudi had fun exploring darker Abed, but it broke his heart to not return Troy's special handshake. He says, yes, the tiny Dreamatorium lives, but he'd rather do more Troy and Abed in the Morning.

10:14 Allison Brie really enjoyed the the new "loosy goosy" Annie. Gillian, Dani and Allison all loosy-goosy for about 20 seconds, the crowd is mildly aroused. Allison tries to add "And Annie" to the "Troy and Abed in the Morning" song, Dani asks: "What are you doing?"

10:15 Gillian's reflections on Season 3: There were a lot of hugs.

10:17 A run down of all the characters that have died on the show makes Joel realize that more people die on Community than most comedies. A whole glee club, Pierce's father, etc.

10:18 Yvette Nicole Brown says: "We've seen you on Twitter" thanks everyone for being here, is also looking forward to Nathan Fillion later today. She says Shirley always have her purse because she's from inner city Cleveland and you never leave your purse behind.

10:20 Who is Jeff texting all the time? Joel says he's composing texts, maybe not sending them at all. Megan Ganz reminds him Jeff has a twitter account.

10:22 The blanket fort was a big disappointment to production in Season 2. They wanted a pillow fort, only had time for a blanket fort, and that was what lead to the Troy and Abed war.

10:23 Clip time! Highlights from Season 3.

10:25 Hashtag unveiled: #POPPOPComicCon

10:26 Megan Ganz used to schedule her college classes around Law and Order re-run blocks, obviously knows her L&O. She had tons of fun writing he episode. She'd love to do another one. Yvette says: "SVU" Joel says: "Yes, sexual crimes."

10:28 We're going to let David and Moses talk now: David says that they understand the show deeply, love it and just want it to keep being what it is. Like no other show, he says, the fans influence Community. When they are in the writers room they are thinking about us. Moses says they're not going to come in and change everything, they don't want to. They have a great cast, he promises they will "not screw it up."

10:30 David on Season 4: "For a lot of the characters, it's senior year, a time of emotional change." It gives them time to explore some serious relationships like Jeff and the Dean. We'll get to see Pierce's Mansion. We get to go to an INSPECTOR SPACE TIME CONVENTION! Crowd goes wild! Megan Ganz says: "We'll go twice if we keep getting that reaction." David tells us all to cheer again so executives can hear.

10:33 On graduating, David says: "These characters will be in each others lives regardless of school....did I dodge that ok?"

10:34Season 3 DVD comes out August 14th, two days after Yvette's birthday. There will be commentaries on every episode, two featurettes, on on X-mas show, one on blanket fort episode, over 20 minutes of outtakes, deleted scenes

10:36 Quick peek at some of the gag reel from Season 3. One of them is Allison rapping. Her longest Freestyle ever. She claims that is her repping Childish Gambino.

10:37 Dani: "Joel and I can do the Christmas rap!" And then they do. It involves Joel saying: "MotherF*cker."

10:39Gillian says: "You are the reason we are coming back for a fourth season and I hope that you know how much we appreciate you." She loved the 6 Seasons and A Movie art show, us. "We may not get Emmys or even get nominated for them, but we win every online poll that we're up for." She thanks us for giving her a 4th season. And she has a video bout the fandom for us!

10:43 Fandom video has people with evil Abed goatees, flashmobs, interviews with fans, the Six Seasons and A Movie Art Show, clips of the cast on other shows talking about how it isn't a "cult following" it's a cult.

10:45 End of clip has Joel McHale saying he'd kiss every fan. Dani says line starts with him.

10:46 Gillian on Britta/Troy: "You know, I don't know anything about writing a television show, I think it's a delicate line between having a lot of sparks and farts without becomng a relationship show." David jumps in: "The sparks might become a fire." That's the first Gillian has heard about it.

10:48 Time for fan questions. First: "Did any of you actually go to a community college?" Joel: "Gillian went to a community college...oh wait, that was Julliard."

10:49 Guy confesses crush for Gillian Jacobs, Gillian, Allison and Dani sing "Daybreak" to him. Doo-doo-doot-oot-doo-doo.

10:52 Woman dressed as Inspector Spacetime says she's actually the 5th Inspector. Ugh,

10:53 "Is there going to be an Inspector Spacetime TV show?" Answer: We don't need to make the show to get the fandom from the show. Megan Ganz says there was an Inspector Spacetime fan video where they kept saying "Blogons" which is why they added the joke that "Blogon" means thank you in Blorgon.

10:58 Last question: There was a great payoff over 3 seasons with the Beetlejuice thing, is there going to be something that pays off in Season 4? Megan Ganz says the layering will always be part of the show because the writers, cast and crew actually love the show so they're all adding layers. Panel ends, everyone cheers!