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With just six films behind him, Darren Aronofsky is one of the most interesting filmmakers in the U.S., and possibly the only person ever to introduce rock monsters into the story of Creation. His next project also includes a massive flood of sorts, oddly enough, as he and his Protozoa Pictures will be adapting Margaret Atwood’s apocalyptic MaddAddam trilogy as an HBO series. This marks the Oscar-nominated director’s first foray into TV, and it’s just the kind of offbeat tale one would expect from him.

While Aronofsky’s involvement at this point is solely limited to producer, the series is being prepped as a potential directing gig for him, according to Deadline. In the past, one could presume that he would direct the first episode and maybe one more and be done with that part of it. But True Detective’s Cary Fukunaga proved it’s not out of the question for one director to handle an entire series, so let the speculation begin. Since we’re dealing with speculative fiction and all.


The award-winning author of The Handmaid’s Tale, Atwood first introduced readers to this universe with 2004’s Onyx and Crake. That novel is set in a future where corporations ran the government until a plague wiped out most of humanity, and the story is told mostly in the flashbacks of survivor Snowman, who is mourning the loss of his best friend Crake, who invented humanoid creatures called Children of the Crake. While it was supposed to be a standalone novel, it was followed in 2010 by The Year of the Flood, which jumps between the stories of survivors Ren, a trapeze artist trapped in a ritzy sex club, and Toby, who is holed up inside a swanky spa. The third book, 2013’s MaddAddam, brings the previous two books’ characters together, in a world full of animal hybrids and other oddities.

Will this usher in the Age of the Dramatic Palindrome? Probably not, but it sounds like a great vehicle for Aronofsky to flaunt his imagination. He and Protozoa president Ari Handel are currently meeting with writers to adapt this sprawling tale into a cohesive piece of HBO bliss, and Atwood is attached as a consulting producer. It’s the first deal to be made between the director and network after they teamed up for a three-year first-look deal in January, but it isn’t the first time Aronofsky has been attached to an HBO project. He was supposed to direct the pilot Hobgoblin for Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman a few years ago.

HBO already has the population-removal drama The Leftovers coming later this month. Will MaddAddam be similarly somber, intense like Game of Thrones, or completely bonkers like The Fountain? Chances are, we’ll find out at some point in 2015.

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