The men of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club may face an uncertain future as turmoil both internal and external threatens to tear the club apart, but at least they don't have to worry about being left on a cliffhanger this year. Six episodes into a season that has seen the show's ratings increasing, Deadline is reporting that FX has officially ordered a fifth season of Sons of Anarchy.

That's good news for anyone agrees with me that this season has rallied after a somewhat meandering and unimpressive third year. While the whole ongoing IRA storyline had its moments, it often seemed to lose focus, and the core idea of Jax trying to rescue his son got buried under overcomplicated backstory. Worse, the show's most interesting dynamic -- the tension between Jax and club president Clay, and the fears that Jax would uncover Clay's dark secrets -- was more or less shoved into the back seat all season. Granted, the show faces the same problem as any series with a storyline like that: you want the show to run for multiple seasons, so unless you specifically impose an end date, you're limited by how quickly you can answer those questions or advance that story.

It's a problem that Lost suffered from and never really solved. While Sons of Anarchy is nowhere near as arc-heavy as Lost, the ongoing question of Jax vs. Clay could become problematic if the show runs for several more seasons. At a certain point, Jax is going to have to look really stupid or Clay really lucky to continue delaying the inevitable confrontation between the two. Hopefully, showrunner Kurt Sutter and company will be able to find the right balance and more interesting places to take the show, no matter how long it runs. This season has definitely been a step in the right direction.

And it's showing in the ratings. Sons is currently the number-one scripted drama series on basic cable, not to mention FX's highest-rated series. It's up 30% in total viewers as compared to last season, landing at 5.8 million. With that kind of success, Kurt Sutter better be thinking of the long run, because Sons of Anarchy will likely have one.

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