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Actress Jane Fonda is none too pleased with the decision to pull her scheduled appearance from QVC Saturday, reports . After the scheduling change, Fonda promptly blogged all about it; she claims the home shopping channel decided not to have her on after protesters threatened to boycott. Over what? No, the 73 year old actress didn’t threaten to come on in her workout gear (although let’s be honest, she probably rocks those tights better than plenty of women half her age). It seems Fonda thinks QVC caved to pressure from people who are still angry about her actions during the Vietnam War.

Jane Fonda earned the nickname “Hanoi Jane” after she posed for a photograph with an enemy plane during a visit to Vietnam; Fonda was very vocally opposed to the war. Although the anger she incurred for actions considered to be unpatriotic didn’t stop her from having a long and successful career, apparently she thinks it kept her from hawking her latest book on QVC. Fonda was supposed to appear to promote a book about aging called Prime Time, but the network decided to pull the segment.

QVC responded to Fonda’s angry blog post with a statement that the scheduling change was just a normal part of the way the network runs. In his statement, vice-president of corporate communications for QVC Paul Capelli did not respond to Fonda’s accusations, stating simply that there was a programming change, not uncommon for QVC.

Certainly there are those for whom Fonda’s Vietnam-era actions still rankle, but can there really have been enough protest against her appearance to convince QVC to pull it? It seems more likely that Fonda, denied the publicity for her book from the network, decided to make her own publicity instead.

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