Ghost Hunters Investigate Paranormal Activity Of Titanic Proportions

The Titanic sank 97 years ago but that doesn’t mean the spirits of the people lost when the great ship went down aren’t still around trying to get people’s attention. This Wednesday night on Ghost Hunters, Jason and Grant are off to visit some of the salvaged artifacts of the Titanic to see if they can detect any paranormal activity.

Below is Sci Fi’s episode description:

“Titanic Terror”

Premieres April 15, 2009 @ 9 PM

"On this 97th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, Jason and Grant are on the case, as TAPS family members in Atlanta, GA, call them in to confirm their findings at the Georgia Aquarium. Artifacts from the world famous Titanic are on display there, and staff is being harassed by…something. Everywhere the exhibit has gone, stories of paranormal activity have followed. Local TAPS family members need Jason and Grant to confirm whether this exhibit has simply been pulled up from the deep, or if it is deeply connected to those many souls lost at sea."

Below is a video clip from the episode, though it looks like this portion of the episode relates to possible paranormal activity in a house:

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