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News broke this week that HBO’s half-hour comedy series Girls finally has an end date in sight. The good news? If you are fan of Hannah, Marnie, Jess and Shoshanna, the ladies of Girls aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, reports indicate that Girls will not end until after Season 6, which will definitely give the creative team plenty of time to wrap up the story.

If you’ve kept tabs on Girls since its first appearance in the schedule in 2012, you should know that fans have only actually gotten four seasons so far. Season 5 of Girls is expected to hit the schedule in February of this year for 10 more episodes. Since every season of the HBO comedy has been 10 episodes so far, I would venture to guess that is the plan the subscription cable network will have for the final season, as well. But since Season 6 won’t even happen until next year, obviously, details are slim.

Girls has seen a downswing in the ratings in its more recent episodes. Along with this, show creator Lena Dunham has publicly said she wants to end the show after Season 6, which is much less wishy-washy than the Game of Thrones team saying they’d like to end around Season 7 or 8. Deadline says that Lena Dunham and the other producers met with HBO regarding the decision to end the series and stuck to their guns regarding Season 6, as Dunham has wished.

Girls has notoriously been a series about four young women struggling through their twenties. At various times they are irresponsible, independent, annoying, entrepreneurs, fun, terrible, broke and many, many other adjectives. Your twenties are about figuring it out, but the gals of Girls have always been kind-of stagnant. They are two steps forward, two steps back kind of people. Hopefully, their stories will be wrapped up in a way that shows them moving forward into their thirties with a little more aplomb. That hasn’t been the point of the show so far, however, so I’m not holding my breath.

While it’s way, way too early to tell what comedy will replace Girls in HBO’s lineup, we do know the subscription cabler has a few more series in the works, including Vinyl, which will air before Girls and Togetherness this February. In addition, HBO has had Westworld coming up for what feels like forever. Plus, there’s that new Andrew Jackson miniseries starring Sean Penn that has people excited.

Catch Girls Season 5 when it hits the schedule on Sunday, February 21 at 10 p.m. ET. If you’d like to know what other new series are coming up, you can check out the full midseason TV Schedule.