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All of the late night hosts inherently have different personalities and format their shows in different ways. However, to separate himself from the pack, Stephen Colbert has plans to do something interesting. Instead of bringing in a slew of actors, singers sports figures and the occasional political figure, to round things out, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert wants to also feature visionaries, unusual professionals and entrepreneurs to round out his late night series. In the early episodes, this will include Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Uber Technologies CEO Travis Kalanick.

Recently, Colbert’s booker Emily Lazar confirmed the plan to Bloomberg, noting that a CEO pedigree isn’t all the show is looking for when booking interesting guests.
There are many CEOs who are celebrities in their own right. I’m not interested in a conventional CEO. I’m interested in people who are innovators, not time servers.

Obviously, I would assume The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is looking for the most dynamic guests it can find, and visionaries sound a whole lot more appealing than your run-of-the-mill suit. That doesn’t mean Colbert’s show will be so over-the-top serious and buttoned up compared to Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel or even TBS’ Conan O’Brien. In fact, Colbert’s series opener on September 8 will feature presidential candidate hopeful Jeb Bush, but it will also feature interviews with George Clooney and a musical performance from Jon Batiste and Stay Human. Elon Musk’s episode, for instance, will also feature Scarlett Johansson. And Travis Kalanick will be paired with singer Toby Keith. So, there will be a ton of variety in Colbert’s show.

Lazar also mentioned that a wide variety of famous figures will appear on the show in the coming month and—if all goes well for Colbert—the coming years. So not only will we get celebrities and CEOs, we might also get “astronauts,” “diplomats,” and “intellectuals.” Really, the possibilities are endless. In addition, Colbert has been pretty open about his late show in the early promos.

Viral potential is a key component to late night popularity at this point. Regardless, if The Colbert Report is any indication, the late night host should already have a fairly youthful built-in audience. If he can get them invested in the art of the interview over the art of viral videos, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert could be an exciting change of pace, indeed.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert will hit the schedule on Tuesday, September 8 at 11:35 p.m. ET over at CBS. To find out when the rest of your fall favorites are returning, head here.

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