Jack Bauer Looks To Europe And Films

Now that FOX has officially canceled 24, USA Today (opens in new tab) reports that negotiations with NBC have fallen through (the network reportedly wasn't interested). That leaves only the silver screen for the further adventures of Jack Bauer. A movie project has been in the works for quite some time, with a plot apparently set in Prague.

Eliminating the need to create 24 consecutive hours of drama should help revitalize the franchise which has recently seen criticism for rehashing familiar plots season after season. Even star Kiefer Sutherland thinks the grueling task is especially hard on the writers. "I know they get incredibly burnt and bent," he says. "Ultimately, we felt we had a much better opportunity of doing something special by doing a film. The more you do [the show], the more you paint yourself into a corner, and I think, 'How many times have I played the same moment over and over?'"

With only ten episodes left, it's time to figure out where we just might be leaving Jack forever, if a film doesn't get picked up. "The show goes to a place that's far more complex and represents a bigger risk than we've ever taken," says executive producer Howard Gordon. "This is not something (Bauer) can easily recover from. The idea of a happy ending is just too dishonest for this character in his eighth terrible day."

Does that mean a bleak and miserable ending for the man who's sacrificed nearly everything in his life for his country on at least eight different hellacious occasions? That would certainly fit the bill. While the ending is already set, and does create a finality for Jack, it would also fit with the continuity of the character should a 24 film franchise kick off soon.

While the film would take place in a single day, the groundbreaking real-time format that is the signature of the show would be abandoned, freeing the writers up to move things along much quicker. And by putting Jack in Europe, there's virtually no chance for Kim Bauer to show up and make it suck.