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When we made a list of ten 90s TV stars we want to see back on TV in a starring role, we didn't include Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the actual list - though he is referenced in the intro - because we figured it was too much of a long shot to hope that the 3rd Rock From the Sun star might take a break from his feature career to return to scripted television anytime soon. We were wrong - kind of. He isn't returning to scripted television in the traditional sense, but Levitt will be lending his talent, and the talent of many others, to a small screen endeavor coming soon. The actor announced that he and his brother - through their production comedy Hit RECord - are putting together a variety show, which allows artists to collaborate with one another online to create things.

The planned TV show, titled Hit RECord on TV will be a half-hour variety show and is set up at the new cable network Pivot. And as Levitt says in the above video, it's starting pre-production soon. Here's the caption included with Levitt's video:
"Hit RECord on TV" is gonna be a new kind of variety show. I'll host the show and also direct our global online community to create short films, live performances, music, animation, conversation, and of course, more! Each episode will be focused on a different theme. And like always, anybody with an internet connection is invited to contribute.

It sounds like a fascinating project and one that could yield some really creative and interesting things, depending on what the artists come up with. Sharing art through the internet isn't new, by any means, but the collaboration element really opens up a world of possibilities - literally. Who knows what kind of outstanding talent might be discovered and what kind of writing, music, video and other artwork might be put to good use for this show as artists join forces to create? As for the actual show, it's hard to know exactly how this will be presented for the small screen as it sounds like they're just starting the process of generating buzz and inviting collaborators to submit their art. You can visit HitRECord.org to see what's posted already and sign up if you'd like a chance to get your work out there.