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Kelly Ripa Organizing Special To Celebrate Co-Star Regis Philbin

For most people, an hour long biography on A&E is enough to provide a proper summation to their career, but for a few legendary faces, something much more grandiose and special is needed to properly eulogize the ending of decades in front of the camera. It's no surprise former Who Wants To Be A Millionaire host and longtime talk show personality Regis Philbin would end up in that laudable second category, but it is a bit strange who's taken the initiative to put him there. Contrary to a few reports claiming she was miffed or even enraged about her co-host's exodus, Kelly Ripa has embraced the Notre Dame graduate's retirement to the point of engineering this extravaganza.

Good for her. The two have long overcome their early hurdles en route to ten years of wonderful success on Live With Regis And Kelly. It seems fitting Ripa would still care enough to honor her co-star. According to THR, the special is still very much in the planning stages, and little is known about what the finished product might resemble. Early speculation says it may have a This Is Your Life feel, but that could just mean people sitting around a table reminiscing.

Ripa will produce alongside her husband Mark Consuelos, but their involvement will be limited to that. Expect a producer and possibly even an on-air host to come aboard to help find the special's ultimate form. Philbin's last day on Live comes at the end of the summer. Expect this to air shortly thereafter.

Mack Rawden

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