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The characters on the FX drama series Sons of Anarchy know a thing or two about crime rings. The men of SAMCRO dabble in various activities, some not entirely legal, as a means of income. Sons creator Kurt Sutter is apparently looking to branch out on the subject of crime rings, this time for an unscripted series for Discovery called Outlaw Empires. The six-part series will tell the stories of the most notorious crime rings in the United States.

Each episode of Kurt Sutter's Outlaw Empires focuses on a different "iconic American outlaw dynasty," from the Crips to the Irish mob and the Italian Mafia, the show will focus on the organizations and the people involved in them. Below is a more detailed look at which groups will be featured in the series, which premieres on May 14 on Discovery:
· Crips: One of the most violent and feared gangs in America, they started as a group of young boys determined to protect their turf & build their pride. How they grew, turned on each other, became corrupt & exploded is one of the most fascinating tales in American history. Premieres Monday, May 14 at 10PM ET/PT.

· Outlaw Bikers: Two generations of veterans returned from war to an America they no longer fit into. So they banded together around motorcycles, and spawned an outlaw dynasty that endures to this day.

· Irish Mob: At the core of every outlaw empire is the fundamental cornerstone of loyalty. But history shows that when loyalty fails, so does the empire. In the case of the Irish mob, the ultimate betrayal came when their leader turned out to be an FBI informant.

· Nuestra Familia: Members of this Latin group, forged in the California prison system, perfected a level of violence unparalleled in any gang. Their ultraviolence has become not only a method to control others and even their own members, but a badge of honor.

· Italian Mafia: They’re the most notorious crime family in America, bound by blood and family. How they grew to become the country’s most powerful crime syndicate, only to be taken down by their own members, is one of the most gripping tales in our history.

· Aryan Brotherhood: An outlaw empire will succeed only if its members become united behind some commonality. Few ideas could be more potent than that of the white supremacist movement in America.

It's definitely an interesting topic to explore, and based on the trailer below, it looks like the aim for the series isn't just to profile the organizations, but to take a more personal look at each of them through the stories of some of the people who were directly involved. Sutter's name, face and voice are likely to draw viewers, especially as we wait for Season 5 of Sons of Anarchy to premiere.

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