When Season 3 of Mad Men ended last fall, the principal players of Sterling Cooper were in all kinds of turmoil, either founding a new advertising company by the seat of their pants, jetting off to Nevada for a quickie divorce, or fading tantalizingly into the background as their coworkers moved on without them. We really have no idea where we'll find the characters when the new season starts July 25, or even what year it will be, and the new poster for the season released by AMC is playing smartly off all that uncertainty.

Entertainment Weekly is premiering the poster, which you can also see below. Don's standing in a new office with floor-to-ceiling windows, a spectacular view, and nothing but a telephone to keep him company. It's nicely reminiscent of the show's freefalling opening credits, and it definitely does the job of getting me excited for the new season-- though that really wasn't hard to do. Take a look below and, hey, is it July 25 yet?

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