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Spoiler's for last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy ahead.

Last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy was chock full of WTF moments. Shonda Rhimes and company gave us a handful of cliffhangers including a character death and two separate wedding proposals. However, the biggest shocker came in the final moments of the episode, where our leading lady Meredith Grey decided to do the horizontal mambo with Warren’s frenemy Nathan Riggs. It’s safe to say that Grey’s fans were not expecting this turn of events, and now the question is: will Meredith and Riggs continue their unexpected romance?

Meredith herself, actress Ellen Pompeo recently spoke to TV Line about this new plot line’s future, saying: 
I don’t know if it’ll be a one-time thing or not, but I think that it’s emotionless. It’s just a physical thing. That’s why she’s doing it — because she doesn’t have to worry about falling in love with another man.

Well, there we go. It looks like Meredith isn’t looking to wife up with Riggs, but just wants a (non) friends with benefits situation. At least for now.

Meredith’s journey into the dating world has been pretty colorful this season. It seems that Mer is finally ready to try and have some companionship, but she’s also full of guilt, feeling as if she’s betraying McDreamy. Earlier this season we saw her meet and flirt with a new character named Will. But after he spent the night, Meredith totally bugged out, kicked him out of the house, and later broke things off. 

So what makes Riggs any different? To put it simply, Ellen Pompeo maintains she doesn’t harbor romantic feelings for him at this point. They’re just having vehicular sex in the parking lot of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. 

Of course, Meredith’s new sex buddy is going to bring some major baggage into the series moving forward. To start, Meredith’s sister Maggie seems to be harboring feelings for Riggs, and Meredith knows it. While the sisters seem to have a healthy and stable relationship, this could quickly throw a wrench into their dynamic.

Additionally, Owen loathes Riggs. Meredith vowed to Cristina that she would take care of Owen, so her car sex with Riggs might betray both Owen and Cristina in one foul swoop. Yikes. 

So all together, Meredith and Riggs’ new exploration can cause up to three of Meredith’s closest people to hate her. These are pretty high stakes, but Mer has to get her groove back. 

Ellen Pompeo also spoke to the possibility or Riggs and Meredith moving forward for the upcoming Season 13, and Shonda Rhimes’ plan for the plot:
I think maybe they want to give the fans a little taste and see how they react first, and then they will decide what to do. Shonda is sort of savant in that way. She just gets these ideas, and she’s very, very confident about what direction she wants her characters to go in. So maybe she has a plan for next year.

It looks like fan reaction to Meredith and Riggs might be the deciding factor for how the two characters’ arrangement grows in future episodes. Considering how long we’ve waiting for Meredith to move on, smart money says we’ll be seeing more secret sex between the duo in Season 13.

Grey’s Anatomy will air Season 12’s finale this coming Thursday on ABC.

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