Mobbed Returns With Howie Mandel And All New Flashmobs Next Week

Early next month, Fox is bringing Mobbed back. Hosted by Howie Mandel, the series has people creating a big moment for a friend or loved one using an elaborately planned flash mob, choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo. Fox has released some videos in anticipation of the series' return next week. See what Howie Mandel has to say about the show ahead.

Flash Mobs are supposed to be unpredictable, but for those involved, there's likely quite a bit of planning in preparation for the big show. In the case of Fox's Mobbed, putting on a good show is only part of the plan. Each flash mob is custom designed around someone's big event. Previously, we've seen a flash mob organized as an elaborate marriage proposal and another that had a father apologizing to his family. Among the reveals for the episodes set to air next month is a woman who wants to confess her feelings to her crush. And another reveal involves a woman telling her husband that she's pregnant.

The video below has Howie Mandel discussing the nature of the series.

He mentions how they kind of get the mark upset at the beginning as part of the rouse. I'll admit, I didn't love that part of the previous episodes. I get that it creates tension and an added layer of suspense when we watch the whole thing play out, but the way they did it before (making the mark upset to enhance the surprise later) felt a bit too manipulative to be entertaining. Regardless, it's part of the show. What I did find interesting from the video above was Mandel's comments about not liking crowds, touching or dancing. The host is known for having mysophobia (fear of germs). The fact that he's willing to push past that and put himself in uncomfortable situations for the sake of his work is a mark of the man's dedication, I think. It's evident from the way he talks that he really loves what he does for a living.

Back to Mobbed, this video gives us a glimpse of some of the preparation for one of the upcoming flash mobs.

Mobbed premieres Wednesday, January 2 at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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