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While Off the Map may not have worked out for ABC, creator Jenna Bans is getting another shot at a drama series at the network. From the sound of it, this new project will be nothing like Off the Map, at least with regards to the backdrop and the professions of the lead characters.

According to Deadline, Off the Map creator Jenna Bans is once again teaming with Grey’s Anatomy mastermind Shonda Rhimes for a drama project. The pilot, which has yet to be titled, follows a “young, idealistic defense attorney who, after being ignominiously fired from his high-powered Minneapolis law firlm, struggles to start his own firm, with an eclectic group of lawyer misfits.” In the process, he begins to believe he might’ve been dropped from his old job because he was getting too close to some kind of “deadly cover-up.”

The plot sounds interesting and different from the medical dramas, but let’s face it, beyond the place they live and the jobs they do, there’s a good chance these characters are going to at least somewhat resemble the people we’ve seen in Off the Map, and Grey’s Anatomy. If there’s one thing those two shows had in common, aside from doctor-drama, it was the characters, most of whom were young, good-looking, overachiever-types with lots of baggage and the habit of making impulsive (occasionally reckless) choices with regards to their romantic lives. In that respect, hey, the formula’s worked well for Grey’s. I’m not sure what went wrong with Off the Map, but lawyer dramas are as beloved as medical dramas, so perhaps this one will have better luck, should it go to series.

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