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I’m still having trouble believing that today isn’t just some extended lucid dream, with news dropping earlier that Showtime has ordered a new season of the classic drama Twin Peaks. While some of the series’ mysteries have remained unresolved for over two decades, we can take comfort in knowing how creators David Lynch and Mark Frost came to agree on returning to the surreal town for at least one more maddening journey.

Speaking with Deadline, Frost gives a brief explanation of how this revival came into being. Sadly, no possessions or red rooms were involved.
It was something I guess we had to leave alone for a while. David and I stayed good friends over the years, we’d see each other every now and then. When the gold box DVD set came out in 2007, that’s when I think we both started thinking separately about it. And then about three years ago — we meet for lunch once in a while, often at Musso and Frank just because we both like old Hollywood stuff — we just found ourselves talking over lunch and some ideas popped up about the show. So many people had enjoyed the gold box set. We found ourselves drifting back to that town, realizing that there were more things we wanted to know about it. And everything flew from that point forward. That was I think three years ago in August.”

One would assume that Lynch was also steeped in Twin Peaks memories while he was overseeing the massive Blu-ray set that recently came out, with the entire series and the entire Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me film included. This is a series that has been itching for a comeback for many years. Though Frost obviously doesn’t have a slew of details to share, he does offer a few tidbits on what fans and new audiences can expect.
I think you can safely say that the mystery in Twin Peaks as we started to explore more is very large; there are many aspects to it and the hope is that people will find things that they are interested in in all sorts of things related to the larger mystery. And that will include all the storylines we’ve dealt with up until now.

Nothing cryptic or mysterious about that, right? Concerning what characters we can hope to one day meet again, the lack of official paperwork makes things difficult to talk about. As far as Kyle MacLachlan’s iconic Agent Dale Cooper goes, Frost says we may “have the answer to that sooner than later,” and says he has to speak with Lynch to see if he “feels confident” that brilliant composer Angelo Badalamenti will be returning to write the score. (Seriously, if Badalamenti isn't a part of this, I’m 20% less excited about it.) And while we’re still two years away from a new season of Twin Peaks, Frost presently isn’t against the possibility of more seasons to follow, though it’s kind of silly to wonder about that at this point.

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This isn’t the last you’ll hear of Twin Peaks from us, but what do you guys want this new season to feature? Are we past Laura Palmer, or would it be insulting for them to avoid her name?
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