Saved By The Bell Floats Into Adult Swim?

The Cartoon Network's late night block of kid-unfriendly animated programming, Adult Swim, is known for airing the delightfully weird, but maybe they've finally gotten too weird. They'll be abandoning their animation themed programming for thirty minutes every night for two weeks to air old episodes of "Saved by the Bell".

Now I like "Saved by the Bell" just as much as anybody my age who grew up watching Zak, Slater, Screech, Kelly, Lisa, and Jessie. The show has a special, warm fuzzy place in my heart. Of course it earned it when I was thirteen. But what it's doing showing up on a cartoon channel in the usually spectacular and original Adult Swim is just to strange to contemplate.

[[ br. cartoon network has been teasing show for while and aired first on monday at midnight they started right off with one weirdest an episode where screech gets ability to see into the future after being hit by a bolt of lightning. ]]

The guys behind Adult Swim are reportedly huge "Saved by the Bell" fans, and Cartoon Network says this isn't just a limited, two-week run but a trial to see if they want to make the show a Toon Network staple. I don't get it. It's campy. They're fans. Ok. But why are they airing it on a Cartoon Network again? I guess this is kind of like a gaming channel airing episodes of Star Trek. Hello G4TV!

If I wanted to see "Saved by the Bell", I could flip right over to TBS or one of the other dozen channels on which it's been syndicated. This simply makes no sense, unless they're putting some sort of hilarious, Adult Swim spin on it. If you see it, and that's what's really up, let us know in the comments section below!

Josh Tyler