Things are progressing in the ninth season of Fox's popular dance competition series So You Think You Can Dance. Tomorrow night, we're off to Vegas to see the next phase of the auditions as the potential contestants work hard to master routines and impress the judges.

The video below gives us a look at the Vegas round, which includes the dancers trying to raise their game and stand out above the rest. But not everyone will, as you'll see in the video, and in some cases, standing out isn't a good thing. And then there's the guy who requires medical assistance. You'll see that situation later in the video...

Is it me or are we starting to see more paramedics in these types of shows? Wasn't there at least one medical incident during the Idol auditions last season? I suppose in the case of So You Think You Can Dance, there's more of a chance of serious injuries as people attempt moves they might not have mastered yet. We'll have to wait until Wednesday night to see how things work out for the injured man. Hopefully he's ok!

The Vegas episode of So You Think You Can Dance airs Wednesday, June 20 at 8/7c on Fox.

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