Given how things ended for the fourth season of Sons of Anarchy, fans of the FX drama series have much to look forward to when the series returns this fall for Season 5. Production is underway for the FX drama, and series creator Kurt Sutter has given fans a small glimpse of what's in the works. Check out the photos ahead.

Mild Season 5 spoilers ahead!

When Season 4 ended, it seemed unclear where Opie stood on Jax taking over the club, and he wasn't there at the table when Jax took his seat. And given everything Opie's been through (and lost to the club), that's probably understandable, especially in the wake of his father's death. The photo Kurt Sutter tweeted last night gives us a look at Jax and Opie together. It looks like they're standing outside somewhere with the rest of the club. Sutter's caption says i"Jax and Op. family outing."

Kurt Sutter on WhoSay

It looks like Jax is actually waiting for Opie to make a decision, but I could just have Season 4 on the brain there.

Sutter also tweeted what looks like it might be the front page of a script, which includes the Season 5 premiere episode title "Sovereign."

Kurt Sutter on WhoSay

That's something to tide us over! Who else is really looking forward to fall?

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