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TV Recap: The Amazing Race 14- I'm Not Wearing That Girl's Leotard

Two weeks in a row traveling has disrupted my recap deadline. This time I blame Mother Nature for stranding me in sunny DENVER while a snowstorm in ATLANTA cancelled hundreds of flights. Enough of my excuses. Let’s talk TAR. I am taking issue with many people proclaiming this cast to be so awesome. You know what The Amazing Race 14 doesn’t have? It doesn’t have a villain like Rob or a moron like Terrence from last year. I never thought the words “God I miss Terrence” would cross my lips. So far I am enjoying the tweaks to the shows format but find the cast to be pretty vanilla. Give me somebody who’ll insult Luke, the deaf kid or toss one of the stunt men like a dwarf. The world and I might hate that person but damn if it wouldn’t make writing a recap more interesting. Before the recap begins, let’s take another gander at the teams still competing for the $1,000,000.

Oh wait, I have another tangent rant. Why is Survivor in widescreen HDTV but The Amazing Race is not? I would much rather watch the sights on TAR in widescreen glory than that idiot Coach. Anyways, the show begins with Phil not only giving us a recap of the past two episodes but also a tease about Tammy and Victor’s bickering on the upcoming episode. Pretty interesting! Tammy and Victor depart first and head to the airport to fly to Bucharest, Romania where they will head to a gymnastics hall for their next clue. Tammy and Victor get tickets for a 4:45 flight and then head to the train station to head to the airport. Mel/Mike, Amanda/Kris, and Margie/Luke depart afterwards. Luke signs to us that he wishes he could communicate with the other teams and not rely entirely on his mom. What I really think Luke signed is that he wants is to be in the middle of a Cara/Jaime cheerleading pyramid but that was changed by CBS’s marketing team.

Once at the airport, Tammy/Victor get standby tickets on the 3:20 flight so their lead might be a lot depending on when the other teams arrive. We finally here Brad/Victoria speak and we learn he is a recovering drug addict 25 years ago. Brad, I hate to tell you, but 90 percent of adults were coke heads in the 80s. Oh you don’t believe that stat? You think I made it up? Prove me wrong! Amanda and Kris met a nice man who called a travel agent to get them on the 4:45 flight but they only have 30 minutes to reach the flight once they get to the airport. Brad and Victoria’s helpful people tell them it is impossible to make the 4:45 flight so they book tickets on the 9pm flight. Amanda/Kris and Mel/Mike both get tickets on the 4:45 flight just as Tammy/Victor find out that their plane has problems and their flight is turning around and heading back to the airport. Holy technical issues, Batman! Brad and Victoria make it to airport and they are definitely too late for the 4:45 flight. The ticket person tells them about a 7:30 flight to Amsterdam that then arrives in Bucharest at midnight. They decide it’s a better flight and go for it. Tammy and Victor arrive back at the airport and hope to get on the 4:45 flight but they miss it. Who knows when they’ll leave now. Cara/Jaime aka the redhot redheads, and all other teams including Tammy/Victor are now on the 9:30 flight. Brad/Victoria arrive in Amsterdam late and find out that their flight to Bucharest is delayed. Ya see old timers, connector flights suck. You should have stuck with the 9:30 flight buddies! Due to the weather, no flights will leave into the morning. My elimination sense is tingling!

4:45 flight teams arrive at the gymnastics hall and find they have a Roadblock. Teams must choose one person to perform gymnastics on the balance beam, parallel bars, and floor exercises. Amanda is the first to do it followed by Margie. I must say that watching Amanda in a leotard was a much more pleasing activity than seeing the Mom in one. I think I enjoyed Mike in his unitard more than Margie. Haha Amanda finishes first and gets the next clue. Teams must now travel by train to Brasov, Transylvania then take a taxi to Biserica Neagra aka The Black Church to find their next clue.

The second plane arrives finally and Victor leads Tammy on a long long shortcut. The next train to Transyvania does not leave until 6:30 am so this gives the second plane teams a chance to catch up. I must say that the leotards were looking a lot better on the 2nd plane teams of Cara/Jaime, Tammy/Victor, etc. Teams finish in this order: Christie/Jodi, Mark/Michael, Cara/Jaime, Kisha/Jen, and Tammy/Victor and all make it to the train station before the first train leaves. Tammy gets upset because Victor was a bit of a condescending ass in his treatment of her after her struggles at being a gymnast. All the teams minus Brad and Victoria board the 6:30 train to Transylvania. Brad and Victoria don’t leave Amsterdam until 9:30am. All the other teams grab taxis and head off to find the Black Church. Amanda and Kris’s taxi driver was the man and they get to the church first. The clue is a Detour! Choices are Gypsi Moves or Vampire remains. Teams must load a family’s belongings onto a horse drawn cart and then unload them at a new site. With vampire remains, teams must go into the woods and then drag a coffin through the woods until they can open the coffin. Teams must then “impale” the frames inside the coffins to find their next clue.

Teams choosing Vampire Remains: Christie/Jodi, Cara/Jaime, Margie/Luke, Tammy/Victor, Brad/Victoria.

Teams choosing Gypsy Moves: Amanda/Kris, Mel/Mike, Kisha/Jen, Michael/Mark

Victor leads Tammy along the wrong path although Tammy continues to tell him he’s going the wrong way. Back at the Gypsy station, Kris makes the passing comment that he does not have his backpack right before they get their next clue. Are we having a repeat of last season? Vila Panoramic is the pit stop for this challenge. Amanda/Kris would have been in first leaving for the pitstop but since he lost his bag, Mel/Mike are now in the lead. Thankfully, Kris finds the bag and they won’t be eliminated. Mel and Mike finish in first place and win trip to Costa Rica! Amanda and Kris reach the pitstop in 2nd place.

The Amazing Race finally delivers to me somebody to yell at. Victor and his idiotic stupid ways will not admit he’s wrong. In this episode, nobody should be in contention with Brad and Victoria for elimination but due to Victor’s hardheadedness, we might see one of the best teams going home. He finally listens to Tammy and they head back to the mountain. Kisha/Jen reach the pit stop in 3rd followed by Margie/Luke, Mark/Michael, Christie/Jodi, and Cara/Jaime.

Tammy/Victor drag their coffin down the mountain but lose a key in the process which slows them down somewhat. They get their clue finally and rush to the pit stop in 8th place. Victor is pretty emotional but I still don’t hear him apologizing for being a dumbass. Hours later, Brad and Victoria finish the challenge and head to the pit stop in last place and are eliminated. It’s a shame really. They were a strong team but made a mistake very early on regarding flights that cost them. It’s not worth it to risk being on your own no matter the potential reward. If you head out on your own it could cost you.

See you next week!