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TV Recap: New Amsterdam – Golden Boy

John continues to search for the “one true love” that will set him free from his wretched immortality. He flashes back to 1941, when he had an affair with a black woman named Lily. John, a lawyer at the time, was representing Lily’s father, who was totally against the pairing. John and Lily go on to have a son together, whom they name…Omar!

Yes, Omar – John’s jazz club owner friend – is actually his son. Which makes Omar’s grandson, Cory, John’s great-grandson. And Omar’s daughter would be John’s granddaughter. Talk about confusing.

And just to throw another wrench into it, back in 1941, John’s secretary at the time made some remark about John being married to her mother 50 years ago. No word on whether the secretary was John’s daughter. You know, after you’ve lived for 300 years, I imagine you’d have all kinds of relatives and illegitimate lineage running around.

The homicide case tonight involves a student named Matt, who died while attending a prestigious private school. He was found wrapped in plastic, having suffocated to death. John and Eva chase the clues to Matt’s friend and girlfriend, but ultimately, the killer ends up being a teacher Matt had an affair with. She killed him out of jealousy, then killed her husband after making him write a confession saying he did it. And John, with his 300 years of wisdom, figures all this out and coerces a confession out of the killer.

Interesting episode, but I wouldn’t say I was bowled over by it. I just keep thinking about all the lovers and kids he’s compiled during his very long lifetime. Next week, the show moves to its regular timeslot of Monday at 9 p.m. It looks like he gets closer to maybe seeing that the E.R. doc from the pilot episode is his “one true love.”

I hope there’s more to it than that, though, because I and every other viewer already figured this out three minutes into the first show. Hey, maybe she’ll turn out to be his second cousin once removed. And if he ends up having an affair with her now and spawning some offspring...oh, let's not go there.