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TV Recap: New Amsterdam – Honor

I’m a little confused about tonight’s episode (I know – shocking, isn’t it?), so you’ll have to help me out here. It revolves around a series of sexual assaults that John and Eva are investigating. First a nun is raped at knife-point and dies in the E.R. Then a photographer’s assistant of Middle Eastern descent is raped, but she survives.

She’s able to offer some clues in the case, and John and Eva pursue a suspect. John gets stabbed and ends up back in the E.R. getting stitched up by his dream doc. Is she the only one in that particular E.R.? This is NYC, after all. You’d think there would be more than one doc working the E.R. Anyway, once again, she marvels at his physiological stats re blood type, etc.

The rape victim picks out the rapist in a line-up, but he’s let go due to lack of DNA evidence. Turns out the girl’s sister had been murdered, too, before the family came to this country. And when she herself turns up dead, John pieces together the clues and determines it was their father who did the killing. Both girls had been raped, and “without honor, there is no life,” the father says. Well, no life for him anyway, because he’s going away to the big house.

Ok, here’s where I’m confused. Who raped and killed the nun if the Middle Eastern dad killed his daughters? Someone clue ME in. And if the guy they caught killed the nun and the DNA checked out, wouldn't they hold him on that charge?

As for John’s previous lives, he flashes back to the 1800s when he served as a coachman for a wealthy guy who was systematically raping all the women in the household – including a young girl who was saving herself for John. He confronts the guy during a fancy dinner party. Pistols. Ten paces. In the garden. At dawn. The guy shoots John in the chest, but of course, he doesn’t die. How handy is that? John shoots and kills the rapist. Problem solved.

Back in the present day, John manages to score a date with the E.R. doc (she’s separated from her husband), and shows up with a horse-drawn carriage. They end up in the sack together, with her getting all romantic over the many scars he’s accumulated in 300 years. Aw, that’s sweet.