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TV Recap: New Amsterdam – Soldier’s Heart

John and Eva deal with a case involving a murdered therapist. At first, it appears that she was killed by a war vet with emotional issues. But the truth comes out: the therapist was pulling false memories out of people regarding sexual abuse, and ruining families and lives in the process. Her partner at the time was privy to the information, and he ended up killing her because she was writing a tell-all book.

John was helped by his own memories of the time he was a doctor during the Civil War. He was able to mend physical wounds, but back then, emotional wounds were much harder to heal, and he lost a few souls along the way. Oh, and back then, people hid things in secret drawers in desks, and that's just where he found the tell-all manuscript. How convenient.

On the mortal/immortal front, John gets closer to the doc whose E.R. he disappeared from – after being declared dead and hauled off to the dead-body room. She’s still musing over his coming-back-to-life thing and weird blood type that supposedly doesn’t even exist anymore. So he agrees to let her do another exam and glean a little more info.

We don’t get to know the results of that exam quite yet, but it’s clear these two have some chemistry of their own going on. Until she introduces him to her husband. Ouch, that smarts.

For me, the draw of this show is John’s character, and the fact that he’s ticked about being alive for 300 years. Maybe it’s just me, but tonight it seems like he lost a little of the edginess he had in the first two episodes. I dunno, maybe he’s happy to at least have some chance at mortality. But you’d think he’d have found at least ONE true love over the past 300 years. What does that say for the rest of us mere mortals with only 80 or 90 years to get it right?