If you were watching the Super Bowl this weekend, you may have seen the teaser CBS released for Under the Dome, their upcoming summer series adaptation of Stephen King's novel by the same name. We have months to look forward to the show. In the meantime, we're still hearing updates on the cast, the latest of which is that Aisha Hinds has joined the series, playing one of the people trapped under the dome, though her character isn't actually from Chester's Mill.

Deadline reports that Hinds will play Carolyn Hill, "a take-no-prisoners Los Angeles entertainment attorney who is trapped in Chester’s Mill while driving through town with her partner, and their daughter, on their way to deliver their teenaged daughter to a camp for troubled youth." I'm guessing the role is a modified version of Carolyn Sturges, one of the characters in the book who shares the same first name, only in King's story, she's a graduate assistant, so maybe not. Either way, being someone just passing through when the dome comes down sounds like the worst kind of luck for a character. And from Hinds' character's description, it sounds like they already have their hands full with their teen daughter.

Hinds may be a familiar face if you're a fan of True Blood or one of the other TV series in which she's appeared. In True Blood, she played con woman Nancy LeGuare, the phony witch doctor by the name of Miss Jeanette, who pretended to exorcise Tara and her mother's demons. She's also appeared in Detroit 1-8-7, Hawthorne, Weeds and Dollhouse, in which she played an FBI agent.

If you haven't seen the new teaser for the series, check it out here.

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