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If you come up with a thousand different ways to describe filmmaker David Lynch, you’re going to arrive at “intentionally cryptic” well before you get to “straightforward.” And so it goes with the highly anticipated return of Twin Peaks, which Lynch has suddenly become more hesitant to speak about with certainty. So is this a legitimate step backwards for the mystery revival or just Lynch not wanting to talk about Twin Peaks for once in his life?

Lynch recently made an appearance at the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, Australia to promote his predictably strange exhibit “Between Two Worlds,” and a Q&A panel of course turned to what is arguably the director’s most beloved project. (Or half-beloved, for those who like to crap on Twin Peaks’ second season.) And according to Welcome To Twin Peaks, he claimed that “there are complications” and that he’s “not sure” if it’s all definitely happening or not. Here’s how he put it to the Australian program “The Mix.”
I haven’t returned yet and we’re still working on the contract, but I love the world of Twin Peaks and I love those characters. And I think it will be very special to go back into that world.

That hardly sounds like the answer of a guy who is filled with major doubts and anxieties, although it’s rather strange that he even opened up about the show’s return in the first place, rather than just dodging the inquiries and focusing on his art. When Showtime announced that the show was coming back for at least one nine-episode season, both Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost were totally game to talk about continuing the story of this surreal town. Lynch himself spread the word that Kyle MacLachlan would be coming back as Special Agent Dale Cooper.

Luckily, not everyone is on the same side as Lynch on the issue, and an unnamed source (presumably from Showtime?) told EW that this is all fluff.
Nothing is going on that’s any more than any preproduction process with David Lynch. Everything is moving forward and everybody is crazy thrilled and excited.

That sounds about right, and fits in with Lynch’s past mysteriousness. I mean, the guy hasn’t put a film out in nine years, so we’re probably all just rusty when it comes to handling his comments with the proper amount of wariness. That gum we like still hasn’t come back in style yet, and it needs to, dammit, along with David Duchovny’s DEA agent Denise.

Until we get more confirmations or more random denials, we’re just going to sit back and watch all of the existing Twin Peaks on Blu-ray. Perhaps backwards and with 3D glasses on, to see if that changes anything.

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