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While Sam Raimi’s most financially lucrative films may have involved web-slinging superheroes and a wizardly James Franco, the director’s best work has been in horror. And his latest effort within the genre isn’t something anyone would have expected, as he crafted a spook-filled ad for Chevrolet that easily became one of the best car commercials of all time. Check it out!

Everything about this is signature Sam Raimi, even without frequent collaborator Bruce Campbell involved. He takes time-honored horror tropes – the old and spooky house with all the furniture covered, ghosts that move erratically, flickering lights, tense music – and still manages to make them feel fresh and organically creepy. The fact that it’s all being used to sell a car adds an extra layer of weirdness to it, especially when the fourth wall is broken near the end when the “audience” starts talking back to her. (Not meant to be seen while on psychedelics.) Even that is something that has been parodied to death in movies and on TV, but it works here.

There’s always something to criticize about commercials where the approach has very little to do with the product being sold, but I refuse to knock this ad for using Sam Raimi horror to promote something. (Although we’re surprised that he isn’t solely into doing car commercials for Oldsmobile Delta 88s.) Who cares if the shot below isn’t directly explaining the cars’ safety features or how much money you need to put down to own one? It’s just cool looking.


Though his Oz movie was Raimi’s last big screen effort, he’s still as connected to the horror world as he was when he created the classic Evil Dead franchise. His second-to-last movie was 2009’s excellent Drag Me to Hell, he‘s one of the minds behind Starz’s heavenly Ash vs Evil Dead series, and he’s been a producer on recent flicks such as the Evil Dead and Poltergeist remakes, as well as the upcoming Last of Us adaptation. And I’m really hoping he continues to immerse himself in this kind of entertainment.

Seriously, though, I bet Bruce Campbell could do a better job of selling a Chevy Malibu to someone more than 100 commercials could. Let’s get him involved in the next commercial. Or all of them, really. Put him in those Lincoln commercials instead of Matthew McConaughey, or in the Sonic commercials instead of those two dudes. Now go buy a car.