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We have a couple of clips from Monday night’s episode of Weeds, one of which features guest star Mark-Paul Gosselaar in (spoiler alert!) what appears to be the start of something steamy-sexy-naughty. Zack "Preppie" Morris And Nancy Botwin?!

Read no further if you don’t want any more details about this week’s episode!

The first video we have hints at a run-in with the law and Shane’s desire to shed some dead weight. I love that (R)Andy’s instant reaction to sirens is to flush the drugs. Does that even work in an RV situation?

As for the Gosselaar appearance, from the looks of it, Gosselaar's character seems to sense that Nancy likes it a little rough and let’s face it, given her track record with men (or the look on her face when he grabs her hair) he wouldn’t be all that far off base. After watching the video below, I may never be able to think of Zack Morris the same again. What’s more, we’re told the scenes that follow this scene are not to be missed.

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