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Supernatural, Arrow, Revolution And Other WB TV Shows Set For Comic Con, Preview Night Screenings Announced

Warner Bros. Television Group has had a pretty sizable presence at Comic Con in San Diego in recent years, and this year is no exception. The studio announced the 17 series that will be present at SDCC this year, including the new dramas that will be screened during preview night. Those SDCC attendees there for Preview Night (Wed. July 17) and looking for an escape from the crowds, excitement and loot being offered on the convention center floor can head upstairs to Ballroom 20...

The Carrie Diaries And Nikita Renewed By The CW

There's mostly good news for two CW shows. The network has reportedly decided to move forward with Nikita and The Carrie Diaries. The "mostly" part factors into Nikita, as the series has technically been renewed, however it sounds like it'll be a short season and the final one for the spy drama.

Spartacus Vengeance Tops Game Of Thrones On 2012 TV Body Count List

Those familiar with Starz' Spartacus series know the gladiator-focused drama doesn't shy away from violence. People getting slashed up is a big part of the show, though there is an actual story being told. So it's not all that surprising to hear that the drama topped the list for most deaths per episode, beating out HBO's Game of Thrones by a fair margin.

Former 24 Veep Cameron Daddo Will Play The President On Nikita

Hail to the Chief: Cameron Daddo is stepping up to the Oval Office on Nikita. The actor who once played the vice president on the seventh season of 24 will play the President in the CW’s drama, and is set to be at the center of a major plot line that will play out as the President and Division face off in a serious way.

The CW 2012 Midseason TV Schedule Includes The Last Season Of One Tree Hill

While the fall season has yet to wrap up, the CW is already looking toward Midseason. The network released the premiere schedule for Winter 2012, which includes the premiere date for the final season of One Tree Hill, as well as the series premiere of their unscripted series Remodeled.

NYCC 2011 Video Interview: Nikita Writer-Producer Albert Kim

Even as a show that maintains an impressively solid through line, Nikita also boasts a relentless ability to offer up new twists and turns and, naturally, that’s what this roundtable conversation with Kim focused on over at New York Comic Con. Not only did writer-producer Albert Kim reveal quite a bit about the show writers’ process, like the practice of having the writers produce their own episodes, but he also dropped a ton of hints as to where season two is heading.

NYCC 2011 Video Interview: Nikita’s Maggie Q

Clearly Maggie Q is fantastic on The CW’s Nikita, but did you know that she’s the first Asian woman to lead a television drama? I certainly didn’t and, funny thing, neither did Q until an issue of The Hollywood Reporter landed on her doorstep while she was in negotiations for the role and read an article that highlighted the first time feat.

NYCC 2011 Video Interview: Nikita’s Shane West

Shane West is no stranger to TV. He starred as Eli Sammler in Once and Again when he was just 20-years-old and then as Dr. Ray Barnett on ER for a number of years. But in the case of Nikita, not only had he matured to the point that he’s communicating with the show’s writers, but he also had the privilege of developing a family dynamic with the cast and crew from day one.

Teen Choice 2011 Results And Ratings: Teens Love The CW And The Teen Choice Awards

While the celebrities most beloved by today’s teens are likely to be searching for a place to display an award shaped like a giant surfboard, the Teen Choice ratings are in. The event, which aired on Fox last night, didn’t win the night, but numbers are up for teen viewers. Meanwhile, The CW has cause to celebrate, having taken home more awards than any other network.

The CW 2011 Fall TV Premiere Schedule

While we’re still waiting for some big summer shows to premiere, The CW is prepared for the Fall season and has already locked down the schedule for their new and returning original programming. The CW’s fall season will begin on September 13th with the return of 90210 for it’s fourth season, followed by the series premiere of Ringer, which stars Sarah Michelle Gellar.

CW Renews One Tree Hill And Nikita, Adds 4 And Drops Hellcats

After narrowly avoiding cancellation a year ago, many thought the melodrama had run its course, but if there’s one thing the CW is short on, it’s established brands. One Tree Hill has the name recognition and built in fanbase to make itself at least marginally profitable, and it’s inclusion in the fall schedule gives the network a hint of stability

Nikita Preview: Spy Goes Rogue In New CW Series

The CW’s set to begin rolling out their Fall 2010 early in September and for those of you who are interested in the Nikita reboot, we have some information on the series, as well as a few trailers.

2010 Fall TV Premiere Schedule

We’re at the midway point of August and while that might mean the countdown to cooler weather and the return to school or work has already begun for some, it also means we’re just a few weeks away from the start of the new TV season. Up ahead is the primetime schedule for the Fall 2010 season.

Comic Con: Nikita Pilot Review

At last, Comic-Con has begun and among the events that kicked off preview night was a special sneak preview of The CW’s upcoming new drama series Nikita. From the looks of it, The CW is all about bringing back the girl power with this one.

Hellcats And Top Model To Kick Off CW's 2010 Fall Season

The CW announced their 2010 Fall premiere schedule and they're starting the season off by blocking the return of America's Next Top Model with the premiere of one of their new series Hellcats.

Life Unexpected, One Tree Hill And Two New Dramas For The CW

In a surprise move to many, The CW has picked up both One Tree Hill and Life Unexpected for the new season. It was widely considered that the network was deciding between the two shows

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