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No New Revolution Tonight, NBC To Air Boston Marathon Attack Coverage Instead

In the wake of the tragic events during the Boston Marathon today, TV viewers may expect some last minute changes to the Monday night primetime line-up. At this point, it looks like CBS is planning on running things business-as-usual, however NBC has reportedly pulled tonight's episode of Revolution from the schedule, and will air coverage of the Boston tragedy in its place.

Revolution Watch: Episode 13 - The Song Remains The Same

Revolution, Revolution, Revolution… [Shakes head disapprovingly] Still hasn’t quite figured out story telling in terms of episode structure and creating as few holes in the plot as possible. It does take a step in the right direction after last week, however; but only a small step.

Revolution Watch: Episode 12 - Ghosts

After losing Danny at the end of last week’s episode of Revolution, things were looking up for the group. Well, not really for them, but for the viewers. Unfortunately, things did not get better.

Revolution Watch: Episode 11 - The Stand

After months of waiting, anticipation for Revolution’s return is left hardly satiated as the one major gift to the viewers doesn’t forgive all of the holes and problems in the episode. With the turret winding up under the base of the helicopter, things were looking grim at the end of the fall portion of Revolution. Had the shot continued, clearly everyone in the field was going to be mowed down in a shower of bullets and blood. Right?

Revolution Returns, Watch The First 8 Minutes Of 'The Stand' And Preview The Voice Season 4

While some shows are winding down for the season, NBC's Monday night is just getting started. Not only does tonight mark the return of The Voice for a new season (and two new judges!), but Revolution returns with its first new episode since the fall. The new trailer reminds us that exciting things are ahead for both shows. But if that's not enough to whet your appetite, maybe the first 8 minutes of Revolution will do the trick? Watch it ahead!

1600 Penn, Community, Revolution And Other Season Finale Dates Set At NBC

NBC hasn't quite finished rolling out their winter/spring slate, with Revolution and The Voice poised to return next week, and Hannibal set to arrive early next month. But the network is already prepping their season closers for the spring, and for some shows, the end is very near. That includes Whitney and 1600 Penn, both of which wrap up next week.

Game Of Thrones, March Madness And 10 Other Reasons To Watch TV In March

For the colder states, March can feel like an eternity, as winter drags on and we look forward to spring. Winter is here, but it's also coming, in the more figurative, fantastical sense. Game of Thrones returns for its third season in March. But the HBO fantasy-drama is just one of the ten TV highlights worth looking forward to as March gets underway. There's also Celebrity Apprentice, basketball, The Voice and a couple of anticipated season finales, among some other reasons to set your DVR.

Revolution Animated Webisode: Watch It Here

Much concern has been brought up by fans and critics alike over whether or not NBC can maintain interest in its freshman drama with a multiple-month hiatus. Now, NBC has plans in the works to produce animated webisodes of Revolution for fans who have been missing their regular Monday night programming.

24's Leslie Hope Joins The Cast Of Revolution

Revolution has brought a 24 alum on board to play a President. Leslie Hope, who played Jack Bauer’s wife on the first season of the Fox drama, will be joining the second half of the freshman season of NBC’s new post-apocalyptic series.

Revolution, Fringe, The Following And Other Shows Included In Netflix's Deal With Warner Bros TV

As you may have noticed, Netflix has been adding some shows to its library a bit sooner than usual following the series' original airdate. For example, FX's American Horror Story's first season went up last fall, about a year after it aired, and Scandal's first season was made available streaming on Netflix just months from its original airing on ABC. From Netflix's recent announcement about the deal they've signed with Warner Bros. Television Group, it looks like we'll be seeing some other great, currently-airing TV shows on Netflix in the future.

Revolution Spring Premiere Preview Teases Romance And Electricity

Despite a four-month hiatus between Revolution’s winter finale and spring return, NBC has done a great job of keeping the network's popular freshman drama at the forefront, marketing often via outlets like Facebook and Twitter to remind people the show will be back soonish. During the show’s TCA panel this weekend, NBC released a teaser for the second half of the season that does a good job of reminding us where Revolution left off and where the series will pick back up.

Revolution Watch: Episode 10 - Nobody's Fault But Mine

It may have taken ten episodes, but Miles, Charlie, Aaron and Nora are finally at Monroe’s front door, ready to bring the fight if that’s what it will take to get Danny back. Sticking with the main theme of Revolution in which things never go according to plan, turns out they can’t just walk in, grab what they want, and stroll out. Not when Monroe stands in the way.

Revolution Fall Finale: Monroe And Neville Talk In Nobody's Fault But Mine Clip

Revolution will start its winter hiatus after this Monday night's fall finale. The trailer revealed some interesting developments set to play out this Monday night, and now we have a clip that gives us a look at what's going on with Monroe and Neville. Check it out ahead!

Revolution Fall Finale: A Look At Nobody's Fault But Mine

In case you weren't aware, there's just one episode left of Revolution for this year, after which fans will have to wait months for the series to return for the remainder of its first season. What are the odds that things are going to leave off in a good place this Monday night? Probably slim to none, as everyone loves a good cliffhanger, right? Check out the preview for the fall finale of NBC's new drama here.

New Revolution Poster Teases An Epic Battle

NBC’s Revolution is a dystopian tale of a world that lacks electricity. The United States has retreated from an era of comfort and civility into a war torn world of survival where militias dominate and average people quake at a militias arrival. In the midst of this, fans of the series have followed a story of spunky renegades. While the crew, which includes Charlie and her Uncle Miles, have gotten in and out of trouble from the beginning, it all seems to be leading to a battle of epic proportion.

NBC Posts Number 1 In The Network November Ratings

NBC started out the 2012-2013 TV season ahead of the pack. The network won premiere week, but many critics and viewers guestimated the network’s sudden rise to the top of the pack would not last. A couple of months later, NBC still seems to be doing quite well and has now won the number 1 spot in the November ratings.

Revolution Watch: Episode 9 - Kashmir

With only one episode to go until the fall finale of Revolution, Miles and the gang are back on track to finding Danny. Oh who cares about Danny; what we’re really looking forward to is the confrontation with Monroe. Until then, it’s time for some psychological horror inspired tunnel scenes as they make their way to the main militia base.

Revolution Watch: Episode 8 - Ties That Bind

With the task of following up two of the best episodes of Revolution yet, the show crumbles under the pressure by presenting another mediocre episode of lackluster storytelling involving Nora’s “wrench in the plan” sister, Neville’s manipulative wife, and a militiaman with the hope of bringing pain to others while attempting to retrieve the pendant for Monroe.

Revolution Watch: Episode 7 - The Children's Crusade

With the emotional pull from the blend of Aaron’s past and present, last week’s “not a brothel” episode of Revolution showed that the show finally knew what it was doing, creating the best episode of the series yet. With the taste for glory and praise now had, this week’s Peter Pan flavored episode proves that last week wasn’t a fluke, providing some of the best writing the show has had to offer yet.

Revolution Watch: Episode 6 - Sex And Drugs

Revolution is back this week following a much-needed break from the slightly disappointing start to the series, bringing the big guns out according to the title. Luckily the dependency on these elements is rather low, instead going for a series of flashbacks to really drive this episode home emotionally.

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