Revolution Plans To Wrap Up Its Story, Get The Details

When NBC ended the run of its sci-fi action drama Revolution a year ago, it was a heartbreaking, though expected, expiration. Since then, fans have spent the year remaining passionately vocal about the ignominiously incomplete end of the daring dystopic drama. While efforts to get the series revived and relocated will likely never occur, it appears that the property itself will live on in the form of an upcoming limited-run digital comic series from DC!

In an official announcement, it has been revealed that the original team behind the late TV series - Eric Kripke, J.J. Abrams, Bryan Burk, Rockne S. O’Bannon and Jon Favreau - have gotten back together to collaborate creatively on the story for a 4-issue digital comic series simply called Revolution at this point. The digital comics, which will initially be made available exclusively for viewing on, is specifically designed to give the mythos of the TV show a proper ending.

The rollout schedule for the four-issue series will see Chapter 1 bow on May 4, Chapter 2 on May 18, Chapter 3 on June 1, and finally Chapter 4 on June 15. (The installments will be available one week after that on the show's official Facebook page.) The series will also feature some talent firmly grounded in the comic book world, with the illustrations of DC Comics artist Angel Hernandez, whose art for the comic series can be seen in the pic below.

Additionally, writers from the Revolution TV series, David Reed and Ryan Parrott, will handle the scriptwriting duties, and this duo is certainly qualified to maintain the show’s authenticity. While the news may be bittersweet, since the comic series will be all-too brief, fans will finally be served the closure befitting the ambitious TV project, whose run was unfortunately cut short due to sinking ratings. (And, some say, a lack of promotion.)

The original show, which debuted in 2012 to relatively raucous buzz, depicted a future of 2027, set in the aftermath of a mysterious phenomenon that essentially fried every single bit of electronic technology in the entire world. The incident left the planet primitive and lawless, with various militia groups attempting to seize power to shape the new world to their liking. The show centered on the Matheson family as they navigate the Luddite lunacy of the new world order while attempting to heal relationships broken in the post-electronic apocalypse. Over the course of the show’s two seasons, twists would occur and allegiances would shift, which altered the format from a widespread adventure series and grounded it in a location in Texas. However, plans for Season 3 would have revived the odyssey-like elements that initially captivated audiences. Now, thanks to the Revolution comic, this may come to fruition.

In a letter issued to the fans, show creator Eric Kripke celebrates the fan-fueled phenomenon that has reunited the creative team for this one last time. Reiterating that budgetary constraints unfortunately prevent the production of new episodes by way of ANY medium, the comic conclusion to the continuity is said to be “the next best thing” that the team could offer. What is immediately made clear is that this project will be a collective labor of love among the creative forces, since apparently the entire group have agreed to work “for little or no money.” It’s certainly a testament to the passion of the creators to give their network-abandoned baby a worthy, poetic send-off. As Kripke states to the fans: “This is because of you. This is for you.”

There's no word yet on whether or not DC will plan on collecting the four digital issues into print form. But they've been pretty good about doing it in the past, so we'll wait for a formal announcement before we bring out the petitions.