One of the most original and wacky games to be released coming out for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2008 is Gamecock’s Hail to the Chimp. With a ridiculous story that isn’t far-fetched from real-life political events, and a setting that is just too wacky not to be funny.

The story follows the King of the jungle, the Lion, and his complete demise from his rule of the throne, due to humiliating and berating scandals. Soon enough, the law of the land steps in and decides that it’s time to lay a little democracy on the table; it’s time to vote for a new King. Hence, the game turns into a multiplayer, cheap-tricks and dirty-games, rat race for a winning campaign. There’s hazards to avoid, people to win over and a bloody good time to be had.

“No one has attempted to bring an over-the-top party game like Hail to the Chimp to next-gen consoles, much less one with biting political satire,” said Rick Stults, Console Chief for Gamecock Media Group. ”Keeping with its reputation, Wideload is going to give gamers something truly original.”

With Wideload Games behind the developmental wheel and GameCock Studios publishing the title, it’s going to be a wacky ride in Hail to the Chimp. You can check out more info and related products by visiting the Official GameCock Website.

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