Viggo Mortensen's next film A History of Violence hasn't exactly gotten a lot of coverage here on Cinema Blend… or anywhere else for that matter. That's something I'm going to do my best to change.

The movie has been flying pretty under the radar, but this week will being flooding mass media in preparation for the film's September 30th release. I bet you didn't even know it was directed by David Cronenberg. Yeah, that David Cronenberg.

IGN has just posted a ton of new footage from the film, as part of their ongoing quest to conquer the world. Not sure how the whole world conquering thing is going, I hear they just got bought by a big corporate conglomerate… but the History of Violence footage, despite being of poor quality rocks. At least it's in downloadable Quicktime.

Rather than wasting your time with a plot description or other such nonsense, I suggest you get to clicking, and follow the link below to a bevy of footage. Thanks to CB Forumer Gunblazer for emailing in the link. I should have stopped and checked my inbox sooner.


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