Trailers are better than posters. Trailers have flashy lights and loud music to convince you that a film is good even if it is not. Sometimes trailers have no flashy lights and very little music - this means you must take them more seriously than trailers with with flashy lights and loud music and they should be considered for Oscars.

Sometimes trailers simply proclaim "Coming Soon" rather than an actual release date. This means - much like this belated edition of Trailer Trash - producers can unexpectedly push back the release date at the last minute by a week or twelve without having to create a whole new batch of Trailers. Unlike Trailer Trash, the movies that arrive late are usually of low quality...

Lets look at what candy the film studios have been tempting you kiddies with this week...

Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Azkaban
Released: 4th June 2004

Yes, the final full trailer for Harry Potter 3 is here. Personally I preferred the original teaser trailer as it gave a real feel for the darker more stylish nature of the newest outing while hardly revealing anything about the plot. But it's still a damn fine trailer for what will most likely be the best Potter yet.

Click here to watch it...

Spider-Man 2
Released: 30th June 2004

Look I don't encode these trailers I just find them so I make no apologies for the low quality of this bootleg trailer. However I make no apologies because despite it's low quality this is one kick ass trailer that is more likely to inspire interest than the original "bullet-time car" showcase teaser.

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The Village
Released: 30th July 2004

We all know Shamalamadingdong is back. But the question is... what trick does he have up his sleeve. We've done the twist ending thrice now (Signs twist ending was "Surprise! There is no twist!") so we could really use something new to prove that Mr S. isn't a one trick sleight-of-hand director.

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Connie and Carla
Released: 16th April 2004

I never saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I saw an episode of the crappy sitcom spinoff, that was bad enough. Not as bas perhaps as this Sister Act meets Too Wong Foo weirdness. Nia Vardalos and Toni Colette as women hiding from the mob by pretending to be drag queens. Well if the boot fits...

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Report by: Stuart Wood
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