More pro gaming news coming your way. After the semi-finals results were posted, we figured it was time to lay down some news regarding the North American finals of the Championship Gaming Series. The team match-up came down between the Chicago Chimera and the Carolina Core. This was beyond a nail-biter, and the victors came out by only a paper-thin win.

It started off with a completely uneven beat down, all in due part thanks to the Dead or Alive females for the Carolina Core. Carolina’s Katherine “Mystik” Gunn pulled an easy ace over Chicago’s Marjorie “Kasumi Chan” Bartell, with the game-killing 5 to 2 victory. When it was time for the Dead or Alive males to step up to the plate, the Core’s Ryan “Offbeat Ninja” Ward, brought some serious heat down onto the Chimera’s Jeremy “Black Mamba” Florence, with yet another 5 to 2 seat-selling victory for Carolina.

Things only went further downhill for the Chimera, as it was time to take part in a battle of the virtual feet, FIFA Soccer. The Core were all business that night and Carolina’s Nick “Peekay” DePalmer took it to Chicago’s Andrew “Anomaly” Brock, by beating the living stuffing out of him with a sweeping 2 and 0 victory.

It was obvious that the situation was turning dire for Chicago and they were going to need a serious miracle to put the butt-kicking boot back on their foot. And that’s exactly what happened when it was time to turn up the heat in Counter-Strike. Not only did the Chimera burn the place up, but they lit a fire so bright under the Core’s hind-quarters that they could turn the lights out and use their backsides to keep the place bright. That’s right, it was all Chimera when Counter-Strike went live, and they stepped out the victors with a startling 13 to 5 win.

It looked like things were finally turning into the favor of Chicago, but they were still down and behind in points. That all changed when it was time to grind tires into the road and slam bumpers in Project Gotham Racing. Brent “Rex” Dimapilis from Carolina Core came out strong from the starting gate, and quickly showed Chicago why they were in the lead. But even after giving a near race-losing bump to Chicago’s Wesley “Ch0mpr” Cwiklo, it was the Windy city’s Chimera that stole the win when Cwiklo blew past Dimapilis for a first-place position. Carolina had to settle for second place in PGR, with Chicago’s Joe ”Phantom” Tackett picking up third-place and the Core’s Jason “Jason X” Exelby landing in last place.

“I thought we were out of it,” Said Chicago GM, Brian Flander. “But our Counter-Strike guys really showed up for us tonight and the PGR team finished it off. This is just unbelievable.”

The Chicago Chimera earned a bonus $100,000 in addition to the team’s salaries and they will move on to the global finals, which will be held in Los Angeles this upcoming November.

You can visit the Official Championship Gaming Series Website for more information, media and news regarding the tournaments and league standings.

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