It cracks me up how much of the material that’s being presented at Comic-Con appears to be leaking out just 24 hours before the convention actually starts. Here’s another one to add to the list: the one sheet poster for Saw IV.

Bloody-Disgusting has their hands on the official poster for the upcoming horror sequel. They’ve confirmed it’s the real deal, which is a good thing, because otherwise I wouldn’t believe it. The image of Jigsaw’s head in a scale isn’t that hard to believe – after all, the posters for all of the movies have featured dismembered body parts in some fashion.

No, what I find hard to believe is the tagline under the movie’s title: “It’s a trap.” Well of course it’s a trap. This is a Saw movie. Not only is it a stupid catchphrase, but it’s an overused Star Wars cliche among sites with photoshop contests (I can’t think of a single photoshop contest I’ve ever seen that didn’t have an Ackbar entry like this in it):

Confirmed it is, so this is an official poster, weird as it may be. Maybe the “it’s a trap” line is a nodding joke to photoshop communities. Maybe it’s just playing on the stupidity of people who don’t get that’s what the Saw franchise is about. Regardless, get used to looking at it until Saw IV hits theaters October 26th.

Click to check out that Saw IV poster at Bloody-Disgusting

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