This week I decided to pick a gritty fan video to celebrate the awesomeness of the HBO show ‘Oz.’ The video shows one of the main characters, Tobias Beecher as he adapts to life in prison. For anyone who never watched the show when it was on, Beecher was an alcoholic lawyer who went to prison after he killed a girl in a drunk driving accident. Beecher is a soft man surrounded by hardened prisoners and, as you’ll see in the video, life in prison is no picnic for him. He immediately becomes a target by all the wrong people and prison life really does change him.

The video was uploaded by Amanda0Louise though she doesn’t say whether or not she actually made the video. The song is 3 Door Down’s “Changes.” It definitely works for Beecher’s story and if you’ve never seen ‘Oz,’ the video will give you a taste of what the show is all about:

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