Crysis 3′s New York Setting Not Recycling Assets

By Zak Islam 3 years ago discussion comments
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It was a disappointment for some that successor Crysis 3 will be returning to New York, the setting of Cryris 2. Crytek, however, stated they haven't chosen NYC simply to make it easier for themselves.

"One thing I want to underline is that we did not do this because itís easier for us.†All of the assets have been created from the ground-up. There is nothing left of the New York you saw in Crysis 2. As you saw in the demo, thereís no resemblance to what we did before," said†Crytekís director of creative development Rasmus Hojengaard to RPS.

"I mean, the example Iíve used is letís say thereís a war, and your hometown is bombed, and so is your friendís. Going to see your hometown is going to be completely different from your friendís because you already have a connection to that place versus a place youíve never been before. Although itís obviously not the same [with Crysis 3], itís still a little bit of that principle."

Continuing his thoughts on why the developer chose to return to New York for Crysis 3,†Hojengaard told Polygon: "At the same time everybody was really in love with the idea of bringing heavy vegetation back into the game, like whenever you havenít done something for a while, you want to go back and do that again.†At the same time, there was also something cool about the urban situation, but we didnít want to create something we had seen before. So we said why donít we merge the two, and create an organic city, basically, an organic urban scenario."

Crytek recently boasted about what they can achieve with current-generation consoles in terms of graphical attributes. The developer's bold claims were also echoed by†Hojengaard.

"Weíre still in production, but weíre doing stuff far and above what we could do in Crysis 2.†From a technical point of view, weíre prototyping render features now that have never been seen on consoles before from any studio. Weíll need to see what we can actually use in the final game, since it all boils down to performance, but it looks pretty promising."

"We actually managed to figure out ways to use that on console. Obviously itís not in the exact same way as on PC, but the end result is largely the same.†Weíll push as much as we possibly can in the hardware performance spectrum. We want to push the high-end benchmark of whatís possible on PC, but also on consoles," concluded†Hojengaard.

Crysis 3 sees returning protagonist Prophet embarking on a revenge mission set within a dome. This was showcased for the first time with the shooter's debut gameplay trailer. The full game, meanwhile, is due for a spring 2013 release on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. A Wii U version has been ruled out.
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