Doctor Who: Legacy Hits Mobile Devices This Week

By Ryan Winslett 3 years ago discussion comments
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Allons-y! Geranimo! Fantastic! In a word (or maybe two), Doctor Who. Big things are happening in the world of the Doctor and, to celebrate, BBC Worldwide, Tiny Rebel Games and Seed Studio have announced a brand new free-to-play puzzle RPG game sporting the many faces of one of Sci-Fiís most legendary characters, Doctor Who: Legacy. Itís wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey, and itíll be available soon for Android and iOS.

Usually matters of time involving Doctor Who are relative, uncertain and almost always in flux. When it comes to Doctor Who: Legacy, however, it looks like this latest game featuring the good Doctor will be available on mobile devices starting Nov. 27.

This is, of course, perfect timing, all things considered, as the Doctor recently celebrated his 50th anniversary and, in the very near future, will be experiencing yet another regeneration. Donít worry, I wonít spoil anything here but, if you havenít seen Day of the Doctor yet, you need to get on that ASAP. Itís a lovely little tribute to Whovians present, past and future, full of inside jokes, call-backs, foreshadowing and wonderful fun. In short, itís just about everything youíve come to expect out of the decades-spanning series.

Also not a spoiler is that current Doctor, Matt Smith, will soon be leaving the show, making way for a brand new physician of space and time. To tide you over until the Christmas episode everyone is so eagerly anticipating, maybe this here Legacy game will help pass the time? Tiny Rebel co-counder and creative director Lee Cummings seems to think so.

ďThe 11th (or is it 12th?) Doctorís regeneration is approaching fast,Ē Cummings said. ďWith decades of epic adventures to draw from, Doctor Who: Legacy is a loving homage created by loyal Whovians, and is rich in the showís creative legacy and fun. Combining easy to learn, hard to master mechanics with beloved characters and cunning villains, Doctor Who: Legacy will be a treat for fans, casual players and even the most hard-core gamers alike.Ē

In the game, players will build a team of their favorite companions and allies ripped straight from Who lore. Together, you will take on the most notorious enemies from throughout history and relive the Doctorís greatest moments in a quest to save the galaxy over and over and over again.

The game will focus on the two most recent seasons of Doctor Who at launch and move backwards through the seasons moving forward in our own time. Season five of the new generation will also be added as a free-to-play bit of DLC early in the New Year.

It all sounds rather lovely on paper, so hereís hoping that the game turns out to be a winner when it finally arrives in just a couple of days. Too bad I donít have an actual Tardis, otherwise I could just skip forward a spell and come back to let you all know whether or not itís worth your, ahem, time to check out. Then again, itís free to play, so you donít really have anything to lose. Look for Doctor Who: Legacy for iOS and Android starting Nov. 27.
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