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Why Bioware Has Lowered The Stakes In The New Mass Effect
The build up in the Mass Effect trilogy toward the final showdown against the Reapers in the third game was the stuff that legends are made of. There was a lot at stake and a lot of weight on the shoulders of gamers to finish the fight. Well, BioWare decided to take a step back from that with Andromeda.
The Next Bioware Game Is Not An RPG
One of the things that we've come to expect from BioWare is some epic fantasy adventure or sprawling sci-fi role-playing game that takes us across the expanse of the galaxy and beyond. Well, BioWare's next big title won't be an RPG, with the company diverting their attention elsewhere.
Xbox One Just Added Three Major Titles To Backward Compatibility
You can just about set your watch by the new games being regularly added to Xbox One's backwards compatibility these days. A trio of new titles just went live, including a couple of first-person shooters and an epic fantasy RPG.
The Video Game Series That Influenced Guardians Of The Galaxy, According To James Gunn
There isn't a real long list of popular sci-fi franchises in gaming over the past few generations, but one of those game series managed to help influence how director James Gunn approached Guardians of the Galaxy.
Mass Effect: Andromeda Is Doing DLC Very Differently
A whole bunch of tidbits concerning Mass Effect: Andromeda hit the internet this weekend, including details about how the game will handle post-launch DLC. It's an unexpected move, but a welcome one.
5 Things We Learned From The New Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay
The latest Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay trailer only clocks in at about two minutes but, in that time, we get a good look at several of the games new systems and combat. BioWare is already promising more details and footage in the not-too-distant future but, for now, we decided to pick apart what's on offer and take a better look at what Andromeda will bring to the table when it launches on March 21.
New Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay Shows Off More Combat, RPG Elements
Yesterday was big on news for Mass Effect: Andromeda, including an unexpectedly close launch date and a brand new trailer showing off everything from in-game action to new weapons, alien life forms, menus and more.
Mass Effect: Andromeda Probably Isn't Coming To The Nintendo Switch
One of the big new games set to come out this year is BioWare's Mass Effect: Andromeda, which is being published by Electronic Arts. During a recent interview one of the producers on the game was asked about whether or not a release on the Nintendo Switch was on the table.
Mass Effect: Andromeda May Have A Release Date
Release dates for big AAA titles are usually handled in a very secretive manner. What's more is that when it's time to reveal the release date, it's always done in a grandiose manner in order to play up the hype factors. Well, Microsoft may have subverted the hype machine by exposing the release date for Mass Effect: Andromeda.
How Star Wars: The Old Republic Players Remembered Carrie Fisher
One of the great entertainers of our time has passed. Carrie Fisher was a prolific writer, actress and producer, and not to mention one of the iconic symbols of the Star Wars brand. Well, dedicated gamers of Star Wars: The Old Republic banded together to do something special for Fisher.
New Mass Effect: Andromeda Footage Makes Combat Look Fun And Fast-Paced
Set to release early next year, Mass Effect: Andromeda's gameplay was finally shown off in a rather lengthy trailer. If you're curious what the game's combat will be like, this is the clip to watch.
How Mass Effect: Andromeda's Multiplayer Will Impact The Campaign
Multiplayer components being tied into single-player RPGs is always risky business. BioWare pulled it off before with Mass Effect 3 and now they're trying it again with Mass Effect: Andromeda, hinting at how the multiplayer will impact the campaign.
Everything We Know About Mass Effect: Andromeda's New Ship
The Normandy is one of the most iconic ships in sci-fi gaming history. BioWare helped turn it into one of the crew members as it helped Shepard and the crew jettison across the far reaches of space. Well, there's a new ship for players to get acquainted with in Mass Effect: Andromeda and here's everything we know about it.
How Romance Will Be More Realistic In Mass Effect: Andromeda
One of the things that BioWare really spearheaded during seventh gen is in-game relationships between characters. It was something that was prominent in the original Mass Effect trilogy. However, BioWare has recognized the flaws and they're going for something more realistic in Mass Effect: Andromeda.
The BioWare Title That May Get A Sequel, Eventually
While BioWare has become known for series like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, one of their first big RPG classics never got a proper sequel, but, apparently, it's still a possibility.
Here’s What We Know About Mass Effect: Andromeda
Today is N7 day which means that we expect to get a decent amount of information regarding the future of the Mass Effect universe. However, as per usual, not all the information we're getting is through official channels.
A Nearly Forgotten Bioware RPG Was Just Released On The App Store
Bioware is one of the great developers of video game role playing games. Titles like Dragon Age and Mass Effect have been some of the most popular in recent years. However, one title that has seemingly been forgotten about just made its return to modern devices.
Why Mass Effect Andromeda's Release Date Was Pushed Back
BioWare has fully confirmed that Mass Effect: Andromeda is coming in 2017. It was expected for quite some time but now we have full confirmation from the studio themselves. But the reason why they decided to delay the game might make Mass Effect fans happier than expected.
Mass Effect: Andromeda Won't Be Coming Out This Year
For fans of the Mass Effect series, if you were really stoked to get your hands on the new Mass Effect: Andromeda game this year, well that won’t be happening, according to the EA CFO behind the game. Mass Effect: Andromeda has been described as having a release date in Q1 of 2017.
Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Is Getting An Unreal Engine Remake
There's a remake of BioWare's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic in the making by Poem Studios called Apeiron. The game is running on the Unreal Engine 4 and the team have been remaking all the textures, models, assets and lighting in Epic's latest game engine.
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