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Here's What Mass Effect: Andromeda's New Patch Actually Does
BioWare rolled out a patch for both the early access 10-hour trial version and retail release of Mass Effect: Andromeda. The game dropped on Tuesday, March 21st for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, and BioWare explained what patch 1.04 actually does for the game.
What The Critics Are Saying About Mass Effect: Andromeda
The reviews for BioWare's Mass Effect: Andromeda are starting to come in, and there's a mixed bag of viewpoints about the game coming in from various outlets. The consensus from the general critics is that there's some good points... and there are some bad points.
Mass Effect: Andromeda Is Getting A Companion App For Multiplayer
Companion apps are all the rage these days. Many AAA titles feature a companion app for mobile devices whether it's to handle tertiary in-game tasks or perform some other task. In the case of Mass Effect: Andromeda, the companion app actually works in synch with the game's multiplayer.
The Insane Number Of Speaking Characters In Mass Effect: Andromeda
BioWare is gearing up for the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda on March 21st but before that date arrives they've been dropping new details on the game, including the insane number of speaking characters in the game.
The Mass Effect Andromeda Launch Trailer Makes Us Want This Game Now
It's finally here! No, not the game, the launch trailer. BioWare and EA rolled out a snazzy minute long trailer giving gamers a look at the upcoming sci-fi space adventure that spans the story, some of the combat, as well as the characters you'll meet in Mass Effect: Andromeda.
How Multiplayer Expansions Will Work In Mass Effect: Andromeda
BioWare's Mass Effect: Andromeda is just a few weeks away from release and the company is still slowly revealing new details about the sci-fi RPG, including how the post-release multiplayer content will work for the game.
Here's How Mass Effect: Andromeda's EA Access Trial Will Work
Leading up to the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda, Electronic Arts revealed that members of EA Access will be able to gain access to the game earlier than everyone else. Well, there's also a bit more to it than that in terms of how the trial will work.
Mass Effect: Andromeda Just Cancelled Their Beta
If you were hoping to try out the multiplayer features in _Mass Effect: Andromeda _before the game launches later this month, then you might want to book a trip to PAX East next week. That's the only place any sort of "beta" will be held, as BioWare recently announced the planned test period for the game has been cancelled.
Mass Effect: Andromeda Will Have Lots More Sex And Nudity Than Previous Games
BioWare and Electronic Arts are shifting the hype machine into full gear, and that means talking a little bit more about some of the more nitty gritty elements of Mass Effect: Andromeda, including the fact that the game will have a lot more sex and nudity than previous games.
Bioware Reveals Mass Effect: Andromeda's Size, Day One Patch Plans
The launch date for BioWare and EA's Mass Effect: Andromeda is quickly approaching. The game recently went gold, and now BioWare is now focusing on the day one patch and how big the game will be, letting gamers know how much space they'll need to free up to install it.
Cards Against Humanity's Newest Expansion Is Based On Mass Effect
The universe is ever expanding, especially if you're referring to the universe of Mass Effect and/or Cards Against Humanity. Yep, the best game for terrible people is gearing up to launch its latest expansion, a small card pack designed in collaboration with BioWare and focused on their intergalactic thrill-ride, Mass Effect.
Mass Effect: Andromeda Includes A Game Of Thrones Reunion
BioWare is known for tapping a lot of different actors for their games. It's not uncommon to hear a familiar voice or two when playing their games. Well, it turns out that a couple of Game of Thrones alum have parts in the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda.
One Way Your Old Mass Effect Game Can Still Influence Andromeda
BioWare let slip some very important information regarding Mass Effect: Andromeda at a press event EA held as they prep for the launch of the game near the end of March. Simply put, there's a way the old Mass Effect games can influence the adventure in Andromeda.
Why Bioware Has Lowered The Stakes In The New Mass Effect
The build up in the Mass Effect trilogy toward the final showdown against the Reapers in the third game was the stuff that legends are made of. There was a lot at stake and a lot of weight on the shoulders of gamers to finish the fight. Well, BioWare decided to take a step back from that with Andromeda.
The Next Bioware Game Is Not An RPG
One of the things that we've come to expect from BioWare is some epic fantasy adventure or sprawling sci-fi role-playing game that takes us across the expanse of the galaxy and beyond. Well, BioWare's next big title won't be an RPG, with the company diverting their attention elsewhere.
Xbox One Just Added Three Major Titles To Backward Compatibility
You can just about set your watch by the new games being regularly added to Xbox One's backwards compatibility these days. A trio of new titles just went live, including a couple of first-person shooters and an epic fantasy RPG.
The Video Game Series That Influenced Guardians Of The Galaxy, According To James Gunn
There isn't a real long list of popular sci-fi franchises in gaming over the past few generations, but one of those game series managed to help influence how director James Gunn approached Guardians of the Galaxy.
Mass Effect: Andromeda Is Doing DLC Very Differently
A whole bunch of tidbits concerning Mass Effect: Andromeda hit the internet this weekend, including details about how the game will handle post-launch DLC. It's an unexpected move, but a welcome one.
5 Things We Learned From The New Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay
The latest Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay trailer only clocks in at about two minutes but, in that time, we get a good look at several of the games new systems and combat. BioWare is already promising more details and footage in the not-too-distant future but, for now, we decided to pick apart what's on offer and take a better look at what Andromeda will bring to the table when it launches on March 21.
New Mass Effect: Andromeda Gameplay Shows Off More Combat, RPG Elements
Yesterday was big on news for Mass Effect: Andromeda, including an unexpectedly close launch date and a brand new trailer showing off everything from in-game action to new weapons, alien life forms, menus and more.
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