Remembering Estelle Bennett Of The Ronettes image
Having reached the end of her journey this past Wednesday February 11th, let us take a moment to thank Estelle Bennett for taking part in a group that significantly influenced modern pop-music and fashion. At the age of 67, she's gone all too soon, but her legacy will surely live on.
Joseph John Sanchez 2009-02-15
Rant: Stop Defending Chris Brown image
Following Chris Brown's assault on Rihanna, the immediate question on the media's mind was, "How is he going to bounce back?" Rumors began flying to justify that this was somehow Rihanna's fault, with people going as far as saying, "She had it coming to her." Are you fucking kidding me?
Joseph John Sanchez 2009-02-14
The Setty Smooth Challenge: Are You Smooth Enough? image
Hereís the deal: Setty Smooth is, as far as I have seen, the smoothest hip-hop artist, and probably the smoothest man, in the entire world. I donít mean pretentious, Hollywood smooth -- I mean subliminally, superhumanly smooth. Like Casanova, or Timberlake
Peter Kimmich 2009-02-12
51st Grammy Award Winners image
Lacking the credibility, pomp and circumstance of the Oscarís or even the Emmyís, the Grammy Awards are the most meaningful in a long list of meaningless music award shows. The winners are rarely the best or even most culturally relevant, but thereís something to be said for the absolute chaos
Mack Rawden 2009-02-08
Pearl Jam Hits Up The Studio image
Pearl Jam is a lot like AC/DC. Theyíre revered by some, enjoyed by most, and vehemently disliked by others. At this point in their career, theyíve put out enough material in roughly the same basic format (heavy guitar/ inaudible, cryptic lyrics) that you probably know already whether youíll purchase this compact disc
Mack Rawden 2009-02-07
CD Review: The BPA's I Think We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat image
The liner notes of I Think Weíre Gonna Need A Bigger Boat may attempt to sell the listener a cheap mythology of ďa loose-limbed jamming unitĒ that recorded from the 1970s to the mid-nineties, but thereís no ignoring what this really isóNorman Cookís own version of Timbalandís Shock Value
Joseph John Sanchez 2009-02-02
Super Bowl Half Time: Bruce Springsteen Always Rocks, Never Ages image
Just as we calmed down about will.i.amís Pepsi-supported destruction of Bob Dylanís legacy, Bruce Springsteen stormed into our living rooms to shout about dropping chicken fingers and guacamole. All was forgiven when he launched into ď10th Avenue Freeze OutĒ, much to the delight of the audience
Joseph John Sanchez 2009-02-01
Super Bowl: How Will Bruce Do? image
Weíre less than a week away from the Super Bowl. Can you feel the excitement, the enthusiasm, the wind howling from millions of Terrible Towels menacingly flying in unison? Iím a Bears fan; so, no, no I cannot. But Iíll still watch. It is, after all, the foremost television event of the year. Hilarious commercials, Bruce Springsteen, and Kurt Warnerís aging body
Mack Rawden 2009-01-27
Every Song is About Heroin image
You wonít convince me that the only heroin songs out there are the obvious ones. Itís almost guaranteed that somewhere, some good-guy songwriter is kicking back, having pulled off such a well-disguised smack anthem that no one even noticed it. My mission is to uncover some of these sneaky writers (music blog)
Peter Kimmich 2009-01-26
Jazz Hands For Michael Jackson image
There's some wretched stuff going down on this little planet we call Earth, and I can't help but feel like we're all running around like a bunch of crazed Princess Leias. "Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope," we utter in unison. But the identity of our metaphoric Obi Wan isn't necessarily clear. Is it Barack Obama? Is it ourselves?
Joseph John Sanchez 2009-01-26
Lady GaGa Bewitches America image
Lady GaGa is unstoppable right now, and it's unclear what this means for the state of the world. "Just Dance" is the number one song in the country yet again, and while we sleep peacefully knowing that it'll soon be dethroned, the dastardly pop sorceress has another hit brewing in her cauldron
Joseph John Sanchez 2009-01-23
New Britney Single Not A Hit With Parents image
In a world where it's okay to talk about "supermanning hoes", when did a little wordplay hurt anyone? If a cheeto-loving mother of two wants to sing a gender-normative anthem about her sex appeal, who is going to stop her? The answer: your mom
Joseph John Sanchez 2009-01-22
Don't Hate On Fall Out Boy image
Fall Out Boy is a scapegoat. Theyíre the unfortunate subjects of more misdirected anger than perhaps any other band in recent memory, and honestly, they donít deserve that. They donít deserve to be almost universally chastised by wannabe alpha males who falsely assume theyíre radio friendly, formulaic brand of music is the one roadblock to classic rockís triumphant return
Mack Rawden 2009-01-22
Diddy To Produce Phoenix Rap Album image
Sometimes an idea will look bad on paper and magically come together, surprisingly everyone with its success outside of those who envisioned the bizarre notion. Iím really not sure this is one of those ideas. In fact, a Joaquin Phoenix rap album produced by P Diddy is beyond just a normal bad idea. Itís a terrible idea
Mack Rawden 2009-01-16
Ryan Adams Quitting Music? image
When did the media become a story? Jesus Christ. I just read an article about Ryan Adams possibly quitting the music industry citing a laundry list of gripes and ailments, but when I went to read the blog entry in question, it was replaced with a snippy, passive aggressive entry about the media once again taking his words out of context
Mack Rawden 2009-01-14
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