Aussie Actor Callan Mulvey Lands Roles In 300 Sequel, Bigelow's Latest

By Sean O'Connell 2012-03-29 06:29:19discussion comments
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Aussie Actor Callan Mulvey Lands Roles In 300 Sequel, Bigelow's Latest image
Itíd be a good idea to learn the name Callan Mulvey. The Australian actor just locked up two roles in high-profile action thrillers that will be hitting U.S. soil soon.

According to the Web site, Mulvey landed a role in Kathryn Bigelowís Osama Bin Laden hunt Zero Dark Thirty, where we assume heíll play one of the Navy SEALs responsible for eliminating the terrorist threat. The site says Mulvey joins Mark Strong, Joel Edgerton and Jessica Chastain in a production thatís set to begin filming in India this April.

But thatís not all. Mulvey also will play a part in the Zack Snyder-produced 300 sequel, Battle of Artemisia. As we reported earlier, the sequel is going to shift its focus to the flamboyant villain Xerxes, and could even lure original actor Rodrigo Santoro back for the role. But it wonít exactly be a prequel. Just donít get comfortable with these ideas, as the screenplay does appear to be in flux. Thereís time, though. claims the blockbuster will be in theaters in August 2013.

We know very little about Mulvey. Born in New Zealand but raised in Australia, his credits include work on the television series Rush, Home and Away and Heartbreak High. But he appears poised to make the leap to high-profile feature films, and solid work in both Dark Thirty and Artemisia could propel him to Edgerton or Gerard Butler status.
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