Elizabeth Perkins Leaves Weeds To Hop With Russell Brand

By Perri Nemiroff 2010-05-06 18:07:38discussion comments
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Elizabeth Perkins Leaves Weeds To Hop With Russell Brand image
Elizabeth Perkins is coming out of the Weeds to hop around with an animated Russell Brand in Hop; or is it I Hop? Anyway, according to THR, Perkins will join James Marsden in the live action end of Illumination Entertainment and Universalís hybrid comedy.

Marsden will play an unemployed and unmotivated guy who winds up injuring the Easter Bunnyís son and must take care of him. Considering Brand is voicing EB Jr., itís no surprise that heís not a very appreciative guest. Perkins will play the frustrated mother of Marsdenís character.

Perhaps Iíve seen the Marmaduke trailer one too many times, but Iíve lost interest in the whole CGI/live-action crossover venture. Apparently thatís not the case with a large majority of the country because despite dismal reviews, Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel racked up a massive $219 million at the box office. Clearly that number is largely due to the fact that itís geared towards kids and was strategically given a Christmas release. Odds are, Brandís involvement signifies Hop will not be as wholesome.

Now about that title; this most recent report refers to the film simply as Hop, but the article announcing Marsdenís involvement back in January calls it I Hop. However, back in 2009 when Brand first signed on, we were keeping it simple and going with Hop. Then thereís the IMDB page, which is titled I Hop. Okay, itís just one letter, but make up your damn minds already!
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