New Ender's Game Set Photo Gives Us A Look At Ender's World

By Kelly West 2012-04-14 15:47:08discussion comments
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Isnít there a saying that a cluttered desk is a sign of genius? If thatís the case, Ender Wiggin is most definitely a genius. Then again, if youíve read the Orson Scott Card novel Enderís Game, you already knew that. The latest set photo for the upcoming Gavin Hood directed feature adaptation of the sci-fi novel gives us a look at Enderís room. Needless to say, itís kind of a mess.

Unfortunately, we have to wait over a year for the film to hit theaters. Then again, fans of Cardís novel have been waiting much longer than that, already. But these occasionally shared set photos do offer a bit of an glimpse of the story as it's brought to life. This one went up on the Enderís Game blog this week:

As the caption says, ďThe more futuristic the world, the more invisible its technology.Ē There is definitely a sort of timeless quality to the cluttered portion of the room weíre looking at. Then again, itís difficult to get a close look at some of those colorful objects scattered about. The planets stuck up all over the walls and ceiling suggest that the young, monitored Ender may have his mind on the future, should he be recruited to join the Battle School.

The rest of the post on the blog discusses the set-up for the story...
The world that Ender lives in is a world worth saving. †Thatís why he is willing to leave his family to go into an orbiting Battle School and risk not seeing his sister, Valentine, again until they are both adults. †That doesnít mean this world doesnít have rules. †Enderís parents had to get permission from the state to have a third child, and if Ender ever had any doubt if he was unwanted, his mother and fatherís shock at having their son recruited to be a future leader and transferred to space makes it clear to him that theyíve always loved him. †They know that when Ender leaves the safety of his home, they will not be able to protect him any longer.

Yes, Ender is a ďthirdĒ and heís introduced to us in the story as something of an underdog or an outsider, but he has a lot to offer, as weíll soon see. In the meantime, itís great to get a look inside his world.

Enderís Game arrives in theaters on November 1, 2013. More information on the film can be found in our Blend Film Database.
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