The Lone Ranger International Trailer Keeps Focus on Johnny Depp, Exploding Trains

By Sean O'Connell 2013-03-13 16:03:52discussion comments
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Can you sense it? Blockbuster season is almost upon us. The Oscars have wrapped. The spring is coming along, with the year already having a few hits (Oz the Great and Powerful) and misses (A Good Day to Die Hard). But summer officially launches with Iron Man 3, and then the popcorn thrillers will be pouring into theaters. To help get you ready, Disney has shared a new international trailer for what should be one of July's biggest titles, Gore Verbinskiís The Lone Ranger, which weíre happy to share below (via CBM):

As expected, this clip continues to keep a strong focus on Tonto, primarily because heís being played by international superstar (and frequent Verbinski collaborator) Johnny Depp. The early shots seem to establish Tontoís backstory, with Armie Hammerís Lone Ranger character eventually taking center stage.

Outside of that, the trailer ramps up the mix of action and western characteristics, which didnít work for movies like Cowboys & Aliens or even Wild Wild West (back in the day). Can Verbinski and Depp do for cowboys what they once did for pirates? Weíll find out soon enough. While film audiences focus on Marvel Studios, the new Star Trek sequel and the latest Pixar effort in the early summer months, itís Lone Ranger that staked its claim to the massive July 4 weekend, which usually means a similarly massive vote of confidence on the studioís part. What do you think of the Lone Ranger trailers so far? Do they have you excited for the return of the masked law man? Share your thoughts below.
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