Titanic 3D Sneak Preview Movie Tickets On Sale Now

By Kelly West 2012-02-28 11:46:53discussion comments
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Those who are counting down the days until Titanic returns to theaters for its 3D release will be happy to hear this. Tickets for an early look at the film have gone on sale online. Thatís the good news. The less exciting news is that the sneak peek is scheduled just one day ahead of the filmís theatrical re-release.

Jack and Rose will be falling in love all over again, this time in 3D, when Titanic returns to theaters for its 3D release. Entertainment Weekly shared the news, stating that Paramount and 20th Century Fox announced that theyíre releasing a sneak peek of Titanic 3D in theaters across North America on April 3rd (April 2nd for Canada), one day ahead of the April 4th release.

Those eager to see the film in 3D as soon as possible can visit TitanicMovie.com/FanSneakPreview to search for the nearest theater showing the sneak preview.

While Titanicís re-release into theaters may be an opportunity for die-hard fans of the movie to get to see it on the big screen again, and an opportunity for more money to be made on the film, Iím hoping that the film will prove to be a fine example of how a movie can benefit from a 3D make-over. My hopes are high that Titanic in 3D will prove to be even more visually stunning than the film was in its original release. While it would probably be foolish to set the standards as high as Avatar, the 2009 James Cameron film did show us what 3D could do for a movie, in the way of added depth and a crisp picture that was so clear, it felt like we could reach right into the movie screen. Hopefully weíll see some shades of that with Titanic, albeit probably to a lesser degree, considering this is post-production 3D on a film made more than a decade ago.

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