Trailer Remix: Dark Knight Inception

By Josh Tyler 2010-05-31 22:33:34discussion comments
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Trailer Remix: Dark Knight Inception image
Any excuse to revisit The Dark Knight is a good one, and this oneís better than most. Embedded below youíll see what appears to be a trailer for The Dark Knight. Look closer. One gifted YouTuber has taken scenes from The Dark Knight and recut them using the trailer for director Chris Nolanís new movie, Inception as a template.

He starts by replacing the TDK score with the one used in the Inception trailer, but thereís infinitely more going on here than just that. Heís recut it and reworked it to make this Dark Knight trailer fit the pace, the tone, and the style of everything youíve seen in the Inception trailer. Itís Dark Knight: Inception. Watch:

It works brilliantly, doesnít it? To really get a feel for whatís been done here, you need to watch the Inception trailer itís mimicking. Here it is:

And hereís the original Dark Knight trailer. Now that youíve seen the Inception version itíll feel completely different:

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