Was Veronica Mars' Limited Release Strong Enough To Earn A Sequel?

By Nick Venable 1 year agodiscussion comments
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Was Veronica Mars' Limited Release Strong Enough To Earn A Sequel? image
A long time ago, we used to be friends... and it looks like the friendship is still as strong as it ever was. The long-awaited cinematic adventures of Veronica Mars did extraordinarily well for such a limited release. The Kickstarter-funded film awkwardly marched into only 291 theaters Ė all AMC-owned venues, mind you Ė at the same time it was released on VOD this past weekend, but it still managed to rake in right around $2 million, making it the tenth highest-earning film of the week. Those numbers probably wouldnít excite a superhero movie producer, but director Rob Thomas and Warner Bros. are quite pleased with the result. Does that mean theyíre ready to start talking about a sequel?

According to Thomas, there have been discussions about having discussions about a sequel, so I guess thatís something. Speaking with EW, he shared that his biggest goal was to make the fans happy, but making some that making some big money in the process wasn't considered a bad thing.

"Do I still hope Veronica Mars does well in movie theaters, and sells a hundred billion copies on opening weekend?" Thomas asked himself in the interview. "Of course I do. And is there a number Iíve discussed with Warner Bros. that would make it easier to start talking about a sequel? Of course there is." He went on to make the obvious observation that the more people who put money into enjoying this movie, the more likely a second murder mystery could be created.

Jeff Goldstein, Warnerís executive vice president of theatrical distribution, is equally pleased with the filmís theater-by-theater earnings, as it averaged out to around $6,945 per cinema. That may not be as big as Wes Andersonís The Grand Budapest Hotel, which averaged over $55,000 on its 66 screens, but itís higher than just about every big release out there.

Goldstein is a little more hesitant about sequel talks, saying they havenít happened yet, and that they "wanted to get through this weekend and then sit down and figure out where weíre going." This will have a lot to do with how well the film has done on the home front, and this may be one of the rare cases where a filmís VOD numbers will be released to the public. Iím never sure why that isnít a more common practice (which is similar to the way networks are shady about their DVR numbers), so Iím definitely behind this if it helps get another installment of Veronica Marsí life in front of my face.

Did you Marshmallows get a chance to go see the movie, or were you stuck in a city without an AMC theater like me?

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