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Toy Story Fans Create Live Action, Shot-For-Shot Remake
Pixar's Toy Story was a monumental step forward in the world of filmmaking. When it was first released in 1995 it became the first ever entirely CGI animated feature film - a film that not only led to the rest of Pixar's library, but also the films from Disney, Dreamworks Animation, Blue Sky Studios, Sony Pictures Animation and all of the rest of the animated feature studios in Hollywood today.
toy story Eric Eisenberg 2013-01-14
Nasa's New Prototype Space Suit Makes Astronauts Look Like Buzz Lightyear
Movies have obviously had an incredible effect on the world outside of pop culture, but the latest one may be the coolest yet. Nasa is in the midst of creating a new space suit design - their first in 20 years - and what they have come up with looks a lot like Buzz Lightyear, the character voiced by Tim Allen in Pixar's Toy Story films. Check out some of the images isnide.
toy story Eric Eisenberg 2012-12-19
Watch The Full Partysaurus Rex Toy Story Short
It's about time Rex got his chance to shine! The Toy Story supporting character takes the lead in the latest Toy Story short Partysaurus Rex, which was released ahead of Finding Nemo 3D this year. For those who didn't get to see it, Disney has been generous enough to put the entire thing online for our viewing pleasure. See T-rex toy Rex have a little bath time fun in Partysaurus Rex.
toy story Kelly West 2012-10-10
Inside The Newest Toy Story Adventure, Partysaurus Rex
When you walk through the door of the main building at Pixar Studios, it's hard to know where to look first. The spacious lobby puts some of Pixar's many great accomplishments within sight, wherever you look. There is a glass case full of awards (Oscars, Golden Globes, etc), but the accomplishments I'm referring to are the statues and artwork featuring some of the beloved characters from their films. In the case of Toy Story, it's two human-sized Lego statues of Buzz and Woody, which caught my eye the moment I stepped into the building.
toy story Kelly West 2012-09-12
Watch: What If Pixar Made The Expendables 2?
Here's some intense silliness for you to enjoy on your Labor Day holiday-- some mashup geniuses online have asked the all-important question, "What if Pixar made The Expendables 2?" and used a bunch of footage from the Toy Story movies to imagine just that. Turns out, there are more explosions and opportunities to use Jason Statham's voice in the Toy Story universe than you'd think
toy story Katey Rich 2012-09-03
First Look At Pixar's New Toy Story Short Partysaurus Rex
When the curtain closed on the Toy Story franchise at the end of Toy Story 3, it may have been the end of the ironclad friendship between Andy and all his toys, but it was clear it wasn't the end for Buzz, Woody and company. They were left in the capable hands of imaginative Bonnie
toy story Katey Rich 2012-08-09
7 Big Screen Moments That Are Still A Feast For The Eyes
It's a depressing fact, but the movie world is getting smaller and smaller. With the growth of DVD and Blu-ray, Video On-Demand, and online streaming, audiences have started trading in the movie theater experience for the comfort of their own living rooms. But films aren’t meant to be seen on the small screen – that’s for television. They are meant to be seen on the largest screen imaginable so that you can look up and just, “Wow.”
toy story CB Staff 2012-01-13
Tom Hanks Says Toy Story 4 Is Happening
Hot on the heels of Cars 2, a movie widely regarded as Pixar’s first bad film, this is particularly depressing news. Since it comes straight from Tom Hanks, Woody himself, there’s not really much reason to doubt its validity. When asked if there would be a Toy Story 4 he responded, “I think there will be yeah."
toy story Josh Tyler 2011-06-27
First Clip From The Toy Story Short Film Hawaiian Vacation
While watching the end of Toy Story 3 and bawling my eyes out, a big part of the emotional experience was that I thought I would never see the likes of Woody, Buzz and the gang ever again. Simply put, it was a perfect conclusion to the trilogy. But then a strange thing happened: it was announced that there would be two Toy Story shorts coming out in 2011 that would continue the story beyond Lee Unkrich's film.
toy story Eric Eisenberg 2011-03-01
First Look At The New Toy Story Short Hawaiian Vacation
While Toy Story 3 will go down as one of the best trilogy cappers of all time, it's hard to deny that audiences will miss Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang. Part of our lives since 1995, a lot of us have grown up with those toys and, as evidenced by the number of tears shed during the final scene of the last film, it's not easy saying goodbye.
toy story Eric Eisenberg 2011-02-24
The Muppets Getting A Toy Story Short
Have you ever been simultaneously shocked by two things at once? That's how I feel right now. Not only am I shocked about the subject matter of this news article, I am equally shocked Cinema Blend head honcho Josh Tyler has yet to report it. With all due respect to his wife, I'm pretty sure that man only has three passions in life and this story incorporates two of them. The third, the Dallas Mavericks, played tonight. I suspect that's why he took a pass, leaving it to me to underwhelmingly report on his other two passions.
toy story Mack Rawden 2011-02-18
A.M. Awesome: The Pixar Zoetrope
Pixar has released a video showing off what is essentially an updated version of a classic zoetrope, a spinning cylinder with artwork on the inside which when viewed through the cuts in the side created the illusion of animation
toy story Will LeBlanc 2011-01-12
Barbie And Ken Will Plan Their Dream Vacation In The First Toy Story Short
Toy Story 3 was the perfect note for Pixar’s first franchise to go out on and the animation studio doesn’t plan to make any more films. Pixar knows when to stop. That doesn’t mean, however, that Buzz
toy story Josh Tyler 2010-12-20
The Biggest Movie Mistakes Of 2010
We all have our favorite films that we’ll defend endlessly as perfect pieces of cinema history devoid of any mistakes or inconsistencies. I’m sorry to inform you of this, but despite the seemingly countless dollars
toy story Will LeBlanc 2010-12-13
Could Toy Story 3 Win Oscar's Best Picture?
It may seem early to ask it, but some already are, so let’s address it. After spending the past week being lavished in critical praise, and after a weekend of huge box office results, does Toy Story 3
toy story Josh Tyler 2010-06-20
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