Hero Blend #93: What To Expect From The Justice League Movie
The DC Extended Universe hasn't exactly gotten off to the best of starts. After Man of Steel proved to be incredibly divisive among comic book movie fans, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice didn't exactly help things, receiving negative responses for its portrayal of its classic characters and its convoluted/nonsensical plot.
 Hero Blend #90: Our Expectations For X-Men: Apocalypse
With its domestic release date set for next week, Captain America: Civil War is soon going to dominate headlines, but we’re going to hit pause to talk a bit about Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Apocalypse.
Hero Blend #89: Captain America Civil War Reviewed (Spoiler Free Edition!)
Marvel Studios is now entering the third Phase of its increasingly popular cinematic universe, and in the eight years since it began the films have been getting more and more mature, complex and interesting.
Hero Blend #88: The Consequences Of Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice (Spoilers Edition!)
Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice tells the singular story of how Lex Luthor manipulated the Dark Knight to try and kill the Man of Steel, but it also made some major moves in setting up the future of the DC Cinematic Universe.
Hero Blend #87: Daredevil Season 2 Reviewed (Spoilers Edition!)
In 2015, Marvel Studios opened up a whole new side of their Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the company spent years making feature films and television shows intended for all audiences, Daredevil marked a turn into much darker territory, delivering a street-level hero who gets quite a bit bloody in his fight against crime.
Hero Blend #86: What We Expect From Captain America In Civil War
It’s entirely possible that this summer will see the release of the biggest Marvel Studios movie yet. Captain America: Civil War has one of the biggest ensembles the comic book movie company has put together yet, and the story promises a great deal of action as heroes who were once friends find themselves on opposite sides of an incredibly important issue.
Hero Blend #85: The Consequences Of Deadpool (Spoilers Edition!)
Deadpool is unlike anything we’ve ever seen from the comic book movie genre, and a result of its success is that it’s very likely going to have a key impact on the future. The movie is now domestically the highest grossing title in the X-Men franchise, and there have been important questions asked about what has been driving its popularity.
Hero Blend #84: Deadpool Reviewed (Spoiler Free Edition!)
Once again starring Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, the film follows the mercenary as his life gets rocked by news of cancer in his liver, lungs, prostate and brain. Seeking a miracle cure so that his life can continue with his one true love, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), he enters a special program that promises to turn him into a superhero.
Hero Blend #83: Should Batman Kill People In Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice?
When most people think of Batman, they think of a hero who a) doesn’t use guns, and b) doesn’t kill people. This has not only been a big thing in the comics for decades and decades, but it was also a very important part of the character in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.
Hero Blend #82: Let's Talk About That Suicide Squad Trailer
Serving as a counterbalance to the more fun, ridiculous Marvel Studios films, it looked as though the comic book movies being made by Warner Bros. would be much more serious, gritty, and grounded in reality. That perception completely changed this week.
Hero Blend #81: What Star Wars Can Learn From Comic Book Movies
After all, the world of blockbuster franchises has changed a great deal since both of the previous Star Wars trilogies, and the reality is that they’re meant to operate much differently than before. To keep up with fan demand, a new movie – if not two – is demanded every year.
Hero Blend #80: What We Want To See In Ant-Man And The Wasp
Following in the footsteps of Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor, Ant-Man will be the fourth Marvel Studios hero to get a direct sequel to his solo film… and this time around he’s bringing a friend.
Hero Blend #79: Giving Thanks For 2015's Comic Book Movies And TV
It feels like just yesterday that 2015 began, but the reality is that we’re now deep into the final months of the year, and getting deeper and deeper into the fall. In fact, we are now just one week away from Thanksgiving, and our annual look back at the past year to give thanks to what is meaningful to us.
Hero Blend #78: How Arrow Can Improve Moving Forward
Back in Season 2, Arrow was showing off some impressive potential. While the show got off to a rocky start after its premiere, it really started figuring things towards the end of the first season. Then the third season started, and it’s been trouble ever since.
Hero Blend #77: Our Big Expectations For Doctor Strange
Obviously its impressive cast raises our expectations significantly – but what is it exactly what we want out of the Doctor Strange movie? That’s the subject of this week’s Hero Blend.
Hero Blend #76: 6 Projects The X-Men Franchise Should Announce For An Upcoming Slate
The good news for Fox is that there are many directions to take the X-Men franchise post-Apocalypse, as Marvel Comics spent years developing new titles and runs for various mutant characters.
Hero Blend #75: What Comic Book Movies Can Learn From Star Wars
There is no franchise in the world quite like Star Wars. The George Lucas-created space adventure set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away has enchanted multiple generations of movie lovers, and people of every color, creed, gender and religion appreciate it around the world.
Hero Blend #74: Let's Talk About The Multiverse!
The multiverse is a fascinating and incredibly in-depth idea that comic and science-fiction writers have been taking advantage of for decades. The theory postulates that there is actually an infinite number of parallel timelines that exist, with each one representing a plane of existence where one potentially microscopically minute thing is different from every other plane of existence.
Hero Blend #73: 6 Directors Who Should Take The Helm For Gambit
There are many things to consider when thinking about a possible director to make Gambit. It’s a filmmaker who should know how to shoot interesting and kinetic action, but you also want somebody who could find the proper tone to get the right amount of drama.
Hero Blend #72: A Look At The Fall 2015 Superhero TV Shows
Sadly, the big screen has run out of comic book-based adventures in 2015, but don’t fret: there’s still plenty of superhero action to be found on television. The arrival of the fall season means that all of our favorite DC and Marvel shows have returned – and this year we’re even getting to see a few new ones!

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